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On the First Father’s Day, Nick Jonas Twins and Malti Marie Jonas Wear the Same Sneakers!

He and wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas welcomed their daughter Malti Marie, born via surrogate in January, in an Instagram shot he published on Sunday. When Nick is holding his daughter, they are both wearing white sneakers, making the picture even cuter. Malti’s shoes bear the initials “MM,” while Nick’s shoes bear the inscription “MM’s Dad.”

Kevin and Joe Jonas, who “all have families and live in separate areas,” spoke to PEOPLE earlier this month about motherhood. Joe and Sophie Turner have a daughter, Willa, who was born as a result of Nick’s pregnancy. As a result, the couple is expecting their second baby.

It’s Nick Jonas’ First Father’s Day.

On the First Father's Day, Nick Jonas Twins and Malti Jonas Wear the Same Sneakers.

Alena Rose, 8, and Valentina Angelina, 5, are Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ two young daughters, with whom he has a son, Prince George. As they gear up for their Park MGM residency, the Jonas Brothers tell PEOPLE they’ve made it a priority to spend quality time together as a family.

In order to get to know each other better, Joe stated, “We decided to go out for breakfast and lunch today, just the two of us.” The three of us work hard to spend more time together as a family, but we also emphasize spending time together as a unit because we want to build a solid bond at this point in our lives and careers.

Selection of Partners.

On the First Father's Day, Nick Jonas Twins and Malti Jonas Wear the Same Sneakers.

Nick went on to say that their “amazing” selection of partners has “made us all better people. helped us all to be better versions of ourselves because I think that’s what they want of us.”

A lovely part about this trip over the past two years is that we’ve been able to mark it with the enjoyment that we’ve all felt at home,” Nick said, adding, “It’s a beautiful thing.” My friends and I are having a great time.
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As he captioned the photo: “First Father’s Day with my sweet baby.” “For the Father-Daughter sneakers and for making me a father, thank you @priyankachopra. I’m madly in love with you. Dads and caregivers, we wish you a happy Father’s Day.”

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Nick Expressed Gratitude.

On the First Father's Day, Nick Jonas Twins and Malti Jonas Wear the Same Sneakers.

“Happy 1st Father’s Day my love,” Priyanka said in her own post. “There’s nothing better than seeing you and our daughter together.
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What a wonderful way to return home. Here’s to many more years of .” As they embarked on their new path as parents, Nick expressed gratitude to his wife, Priyanka, saying, “I’m grateful to have a teammate in Pri.”

After spending more than 100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, the couple welcomed their daughter Malti into the world in January. What Nick and I expressed on social media was our gratitude for having our baby home, as well as our appreciation for everyone who helped her along the way in the hospital. “It was an eye-opening experience in many ways.”

Priyanka’s first Mother’s Day came just in time for Malti’s return, the family of three noted. People said that they were adjusting well to their new situation at the time. According to the insider, the baby girl is doing fine. “Despite her size, she is gaining ground on her peers every day. They both want to cuddle with and cradle her. Already, they’re excellent parents.”


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