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Did Kalani and Asuelu Break Up? After Asuelu Pulau Announced His Single Status on Instagram, Their Relationship with Kalani Faagata Seems to Be Finished!

The marital difficulties of well-known 90 Day Fiancé couple Asuelu Pulau and Kalani Faagata appear to be over after Asuelu announced his single status on Instagram. Initially meeting by coincidence, Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship immediately became serious after Kalani fell pregnant with the couple’s first child.

In order to marry Kalani, Asuelu relocated to the United States, where they later had a second child but were still unable to reconcile. He ended up blocking Asuelu on social media after a fight between Kalani and him that was caught on tape during a March episode of 90 Day Diaries. At that point, brand-new rumors of Kalani and Asuelu’s divorce began to circulate.

How Long Have Asuelu and Kalani Been Dating?

did kalani and asuelu break up

On the Sixth Season of Tlc’s Flagship Series 90 Day Fiancé, Kalani, and Asuelu Made Their 90 Day Fiancé Debut. The First Connected While Asuelu Was Working at The Resort Where Kalani Was Staying While She Was on Holiday in Samoa, Asuelu’s Home Nation. They Became Pregnant Soon and Gave Birth to Son Oliver in January 2018. They Soon Started the Procedure for Asuelu’s K-1 Visa so That He Could Immigrate to The Us and They Could Start a Family.

Soon After Asuelu Arrived in America, Kalani’s Family Began to Have Doubts About Her Relationship with Him, and Things Became Even Worse when She Found out She Was Pregnant Once More and Expecting Baby Number Two. Asuelu Was Able to Secure the Approval of Kalani’s Parents, Low and Lisa, by Pledging He Would Step up And Support His Family of Four. as A Result, the Pair Wed in A Charming Ceremony at Sunset on A Boat in California.

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Why Did Kalani and Asuelu Disagree?

In Season Five of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, the Pair Continued to Discuss Their Journey. It Was Difficult for Kalani and Asuelu to Agree on Matters of Money and Their Relationship. as Kalani Struggled to Adjust to Being a Parent to Two After Giving Birth to Son Kennedy in May 2019, She Also Thought Asuelu Wasn’t Doing His Part as A Spouse or A Father. when Asuelu Branded Kalani a “bitch” During a Particularly Intense Argument, Her Family Became Outraged and Stopped Supporting Their Marriage.

To Resolve Their Differences, Kalani Chose to Remain with Asuelu; Nevertheless, when They Traveled to Washington to See Asuelu’s Relatives, They Encountered a New Challenge. Asuelu’s Mother Lesina and Sister Tammy Put Pressure on Him to Send Money to His Family in Samoa While They Were on Their Trip, Which Took Place Over the 2019 Holiday Season. Lesina and Tammy Believed Kalani Was the Reason Why Asuelu Didn’t Want to Provide Them with Financial Assistance Even Though He Was Struggling to Support His Family of Four at The Time and Only Worked a Part-Time Job at A Nearby Grocery Store.

When Tammy and Lesina Confronted Kalani and Tammy

did kalani and asuelu break up

When Tammy and Lesina Confronted Kalani and Tammy Threatened to “beat” Kalani “up,” the Money Dispute Reached Its Pinnacle. After the Altercation, Kalani and Asuelu Argued, and Before They Returned to The Utah House They Share with Kalani’s Parents, Kalani Acknowledged She No Longer Desired to Be Married to Her Husband.

When Asuelu Consented to Attend Couple’s Therapy After They Returned Home, She Had a Change of Heart. Although Therapy Appeared to Be Working, the Couple’s Relationship Was Once More in Trouble when The Coronavirus Epidemic Peaked in The United States in The Spring of 2020. Kalani Sent Asuelu to Live with His Mother and Sister for A Few Weeks Because She Believed He Was Breaking Social Distancing Rules and Endangering Their Kids as Well as Her Parents.

Have Kalani and Asuelu Separated?

When Kalani and Asuelu Decided to Work Together on The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 5 Reunion, It Came as A Surprise. Even Though Asuelu Had Returned and Was Now Living with His Wife, Their Two Children, and Her Parents, He Was Still Not Friendly with Kalani.

When Kalani and Asuelu Made Their Return for Season Six of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Viewers Were Shocked to See that They Were Still Together. Asuelu Had Gotten a Job as A Rideshare Driver, so They Appeared to Be in A Better Financial and Marital Situation, but They Were Still Having Communication Problems. They Even Planned to Buy a House so They Could Leave Kalani’s Parents’ House Because They Believed that Having Their Own Home Would Help Them Save Their Marriage.

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His Power to Support Kalani and The Boys

did kalani and asuelu break up

Even Though He Does Everything in His Power to Support Kalani and The Boys, Asuelu Said Earlier This Month to His Instagram Followers that She Is No Longer the Same Person She Once Was. Asuelu Stated that His 90 Day Fiancé Contract Prevented Him from Telling His Supporters More Even Though He Wanted To.

Fans Do Hope that Kalani and Asuelu Can Work Things out And Be together even if it appears that they have stopped speaking. Since Kalani and Asuelu have not yet received official word of their divorce, some 90-Day Fiancé watchers wonder if their split was staged to garner publicity and keep them in the conversation with other dramatic couples.

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