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Clayton and Susie Breakup? The Reasons Behind The “Bachelor” Couple’s Breakup, Clayton Echard and Susie Evans!

The dying of the light. Clayton Echard, the winner of “The Bachelorette” Season 26, has broken up with his girlfriend, Susie Evans. On Friday, 29-year-olds Evans and Echard posted a joint statement on Instagram announcing their separation. With “very heavy hearts,” they captioned a photo of themselves laughing as a former couple. It was a difficult choice because “everyone who has ever loved knows” how awful it is.

Evans and Echard did not discuss the reasons for their breakup, but they did say that they had experienced “a substantial amount of sorrow” over the past year and that social media is only a “highlight reel.” The post went on to shed some light on the trying situation by saying, “Neither of us is having an easy time of it right now, but we are here for each other and want the best for the other’s future. Although Claysie is no longer with us, we hold fast to the belief that our communities will rally behind us as we move forward loving and respecting one another.”

The Couple Throughout the Years

Clayton and Susie Breakup?

Those who have been there for the couple throughout the years were thanked, with the duo adding, “It means so much more than you could ever know.”Nick Viall, along with the rest of Bachelor Nation, expressed their best wishes by writing, “Wishing you both the best.” Katie Thurston, the original Bachelorette, offered her support to the couple, saying, “Supporting you both during what I know is a difficult moment right now.” Echard and Evans have decided to separate after less than a year of dating and living together because they want to focus on their careers.

“We’re in the position of not knowing whether this month-long courtship will last a lifetime or not, so there’s no pressure either way. Let us simply be thankful and loving to one another.” On the August episode of the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast by Dear Media, Echard made the following statement. He continued by saying that he and Evans were “in a really terrific situation” at the time.

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Their Relationship

Clayton and Susie Breakup?

When asked about the challenges the couple encountered because of his actions on The Bachelor, he conceded that there were some. “But we got through it, and we did so together. Thanks to her, I am able to sit here with such optimism; without her, I would not be where I am right now.” When Echard and Evans met on The Bachelor, they hit it off right away despite being the same age. However, it wasn’t a straightforward ride to the final rose; in fact, Echard eliminated Evans. It was controversial since it revealed that Echard had an intimate relationship with more than one of his last ladies, which made Evans uneasy.

However, Echard decided not to offer his last rose to either Gabby Windey or Rachel Recchia in the season finale. Instead, he pursued Evans, having decided that she was the one with whom he would have liked to close the season. Despite Evans’s initial rejection of Echard, the two eventually came out as a couple on After the Final Rose. Clayton added, “I didn’t really think it was going to happen,” referring to his victory over Evans. “Even more so considering how we left things. Simply put, I refused to give up hope.

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The Couple Continued Their Romance

Clayton and Susie Breakup?

But when she finally let me go, I knew it was the right decision. Thankfully, she sought back out, and all I wanted was to rebuild our relationship one conversation at a time.” Soon later, the couple began living together. We decided to approach things at our own speed and move in together right immediately,” Clayton told PEOPLE. One benefit of leaving my job is that I may now put down new ones wherever it is most convenient for me. Fans of the show felt the former NFL athlete was playing Susie, Rachel Recchia, and Gabby Windey, the three women left in the competition.

But in the season finale, after sending Susie home, Clayton abruptly changed his mind and asked his ex-girlfriend to come back, making an already complicated situation much more complicated. Susie’s refusal to accompany Clayton’s departure left him to go elsewhere without her. After the show ended, however, the couple continued their romance behind the scenes, as Susie revealed to viewers in After the Final Rose “After the show, we separated for a while to regroup. The fact that we get to be here today only adds to our elation.” Only six months after the show’s initial airing, it appears that Claysie has withered and died.

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