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HomenewsNew Year's Day, 2023: New Jersey Offers Dozens of Free Hikes

New Year’s Day, 2023: New Jersey Offers Dozens of Free Hikes

Join up on New Jersey’s annual First Day Hike on January 1st, 2023, and explore the state’s parks, forests, and historic places.

A spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Caryn Shinske reported that a record number of more than 40 First Day walks were planned for January 1.

There were just 28 treks in 2022 where more than 248 hikers covered a combined 952 miles across the state’s extensive network of trails on First Day Hikes.

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After three years of decline due to the epidemic, we finally saw growth again last year. Shinske remarked, “It’s encouraging to see such a large increase in the number of hikes from 2022 to 2023, and we hope the public will take full advantage of the program to get out and enjoy our state parks, forests, and historic sites.
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At What Time Did the First Day Hike Start?

After First Day Hikes gained popularity on a national scale in 2012, the State Park Service joined to participate, as reported by Shinske.

The Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, Massachusetts is where First Day Hikes got its start almost twenty years ago. The initiative’s stated goal is to encourage visitors to state parks to lead healthier lives by encouraging year-round recreation.

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She explained that the First Day Hike is so well-attended because it serves as a friendly reminder to New Jersey residents that the state’s many parks, forests, and historic sites are accessible year-round.

Shinske clarified that it is not limited to the summer, the fall foliage season, or the spring. Residents of New Jersey can visit a state park, forest, or historic site on virtually any day of the year and find something interesting to see or do.
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The best aspect of First Day Hike is that there is no cost to participate in any of the walks.

These trails are exceptional because they span a wide range of levels of challenge.

There are easy, moderate, and difficult hikes available.


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