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Find Out How Much You Can Expect From Your New Year’s Stimulus Check in 2023

Many states have approved stimulus grants or tax refunds since inflation has been at its highest in 40 years for months.

In November, the Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index showed an annual inflation rate of 7.7%–7.1%. Many companies still donate in December and will in 2017.

Illinois, Massachusetts, and Idaho Stimulus Checks

Illinois homeowners may receive a $300 property tax refund and a $50 or $100 income tax refund in 2023. Refunds began in September, but shipping will take time.

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Massachusetts began refunding taxpayers 14% of their state taxes in November. If they pay their 2021 personal taxes now and filed their state tax return by September 15, 2023, they qualify.

Idaho Governor Brad Little returned $600 in taxes. Since September, payments have continued until January 2019.

New Mexico, Virginia, and South Carolina Tax Refund

In-state residents can still get $500 for individuals and $1,000 for couples. New Mexico residents have until May 2023 to file their 2021 taxes and receive a refund.

Pennsylvania will reimburse seniors for 2021 property taxes and rent.

If you qualify for further rebates, you can get $975 instead of $650. Homeowners have a $35,000 annual income cap, while renters have $15,000 and exclude 50% of Social Security income. Apply by December 31.

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In Virginia, the IRS refunds $250 and $500 for joint filers. After July 1, qualifying persons should receive refunds before the year ends.

South Carolina taxpayers who filed their 2021 forms by October 17 may receive up to $800 on December 31. AS USA says that Colorado residents who requested an extension to file their 2021 tax return on October 17 could earn 0 by January 31.
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