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The World Is About to Hear a Lot More Jersey Club Music, But It All Begins in Jersey

Jersey Club music has been a staple in the state for decades, but it seems the rest of the world is just now starting to take notice.

Jersey Club music has always served as a unifying force, inspiring a wide range of people to participate in anything from sexy walking to hip-rocking.

Rapper Unicorn151, a resident of Newark, New Jersey, claims that Drake, Beyonce, and Lil Uzi “added more excitement to the Jersey club trend” rather than making Jersey Club music prominent this year.


In his own words: “I listened to Drake’s ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ album, and I f*cked with the general mood of the album; it seemed lively and dancey, felt just like what I’ve been working on. After hearing this, my immediate thought was, “THIS IS GREAT FOR THE JERSEY CLUB CULTURE.
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” Kherk continued, saying he wished “us the attention we deserve” from mainstream artists.

Drewski, a DJ for HOT 97, has expressed his delight with the development of Jersey Club. “Being a native Jerseyite who grew up listening to Jersey club music, I find this moment of acknowledgment for the genre to be really exciting.

My impression was that this was always an underground style of music that was overlooked for too long.

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Further, “I always knew it would take a bit longer for people to understand the unique sounds and dances of Jersey Club,” he says. “Now that people are paying attention, I just hope it doesn’t lose its individuality.” I wish that more people could trace its roots and recognise the pioneering role played by the musicians, DJs, dancers, and producers who have kept the music alive for so long.

Equally as much as Unicorn151, Drewski hopes that a more well-known musician would properly honour their inspirations. It’s fantastic to see established musicians covering Jersey club tracks; this will undoubtedly lead to additional opportunities for the original musicians. Drewski, a young DJ who was looking forward to playing his Jersey Club mix at the adolescent party, is thrilled by the genre’s recent success and eager to see where it goes from here.

For example, Lil Uzi’s “Just Wanna Rock,” produced by 19-year-old Newark, New Jersey native MCVertt, is currently the most popular song on TikTok.

The infectious Jersey Club beat is a big part of the song’s success.
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According to MCVertt, Uzi invited him to the studio after they had been corresponding via direct message for some time.

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Then, in April, he danced to one of my tracks; I sent him a couple more Jersey club rhythms; he contacted me, saying, “I went crazy to your music and I want you to spread it everywhere.” The fact that it has racked up over 70 million plays on Spotify is proof positive of how popular the Jersey Club genre is.


Coi Leray, who was born and raised in New Jersey, shot the music video for her latest single, “Players (Jersey Club Mix),” in the city centre of Newark. The video has since gone viral on the internet. Coi Leray boasts, “Jersey is unstoppable when we come together” on DJ Smallz 732’s club mix. Divided, we will stagnate.

It’s our turn to rule in 2023. Nimi “Film God” Hendrix, also from Jersey, shot the video. According to Nimi, “yesterday I made history in Jersey.” Drove Coi Leray and DJ Smallz 732 to Newark to film the Players Remix.

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HOT 97’s own DJ Wallah, DJ Mike Medium, and DJ Lil Taj, as well as DJ Jayhood, Chad B, DJ Bake, and many more, were among the many familiar faces at the video shoot. I want to say thanks to the people who have been with us from the beginning and to those who are just discovering the sound: we put in a lot of extra time to get it where it is now. DJ Lil Taj predicted that the Jersey Club would be popular for a long time.


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