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Next Week’s Coronation Street Teasers: December 19–25

The following week on Coronation Street, Jacob’s dad continues to cause trouble for the neighborhood.
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Meanwhile, Daisy has a very important medical appointment.

On the other hand, Fizz is concerned that this Christmas will be terrible.
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From next week on, we’ll be discussing every single spoiler for Coronation Street.

While all is going on, Summer is still committed to her surrogacy plan with Mike and Esther, despite several obstacles. After being coaxed inside their house, Harriet Bibby’s character on Coronation Street puts herself in harm’s way.

More doubts will be raised in Weatherfield about Coronation Street villain Stephen Reed over the winter break.

Upon Seeing His Father, Damon, Jacob

Jacob’s father and mother have a tense relationship, yet he occasionally visits Weatherfield. He is rejected by Jacob, who tells Amy that his father is a waste of time because he and Jacob haven’t communicated in years.

Amy thinks Jacob is worthy of a second chance, so he reluctantly goes out for a drink with Damon. Damon believes he wants another chance to make up for his absence, but Jacob and his father’s bond remains chilly.

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Damon has a request for the Bistro’s staff. Damon visits The Bistro to discuss the money Nick stole from Harvey. Nick is determined to go on his lie and convinces Liam that Damon is an old friend who can help them out financially.

Liam has doubts about Nick’s reliability after he explains that Damon is Jacob’s father. As he continues to impose himself, Damon asks that Jacob work at The Bistro in exchange for the money.

Next Week's Coronation Street Teasers: December 19–25

Then, the Coronation Street spoilers name Griff’s supporter. Max’s next move involves going on a camping trip with Griff and the rest of the crew.

As Spider’s worries grow, he works harder to gather evidence to use against Griff. While that is going on, the audience finds out who is actually funding Griff’s secret endeavors.

Then we’ll see Max, who’s about to set out on an adventure. Despite David’s warnings, Max heads out on the camping trip. Things don’t go as well as Max had hoped on his vacation. But is he coming to the realization that dangerous fanatics are using him?

Even more, Spider tries to silence Toya by any means necessary. After this exciting week, Spider is worried that his covert operation may have been exposed and asks Toya not to reveal any details. Griff convinces Max to lie to the police about what really transpired on the camping trip.

There is Reconciliation Between Danial and Daisy

Adam takes on the role of mediator, while Daniel avoids Daisy on the grounds that he cannot assist her with her health problems. When Daisy doesn’t read the essay Daniel has been working on, Adam suggests she do so.

The plot centers on Daisy’s efforts to help Daniel move on from Sinead’s death by introducing him to new potential partners. Since hearing these encouraging words, Daisy has been considering giving Daniel another shot.

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Additionally, Daniel and Daisy reconcile. In the end, Daniel proves his loyalty to Daisy by accompanying her to the breast clinic appointment. Later, Daniel comes clean about the fact that his Daisy essay didn’t make the cut. Daisy urges him to put all of his efforts into getting back into the classroom.

Next Week's Coronation Street Teasers: December 19–25

Daniel’s proposal has fallen between the cracks. For Jenny’s approval before proposing to Daisy, Daniel shows her the ring he bought and the ring box he prepared.

Later, Daniel discovers to his dismay that apartment #1 has been broken into and all of the presents, including the ring, have been stolen from under the tree. Daniel breaks the news to Jenny that his attempt at romantic manipulation has been a total failure.

What George Got Eileen for Christmas

When George returns home for the holidays, he is asked about his travel plans. After Eileen received a customized funeral plan the year before, Glenda and Mary approached George in the bar to make sure she got a nice Christmas present this year. George is prompted to reveal his plans for this year’s holiday present to Eileen.

Plans The realization of George has occurred. To George’s dismay, Lawrence offers to help Eileen shop for a new couch. George warns that he has already purchased one as a Christmas present for Eileen.

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Since Eileen is due to receive a Christmas present, George bans her from traveling home later in the week. Eileen was happy to see that he was making a greater effort this year.

Paul and Billy are worried about Summer. The disappearance of Summer has concerned Billy and Paul. They go to the police and report Summer as missing.

The officer stressed that Summer would have the last say on whether or not her whereabouts were made public in the event she was found.


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