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Why Does Netflix’s Adams Family Call Wednesday “Wednesday”?

The new fantasy comedy show Wednesday on Netflix, which came out on November 23, 2022, has been getting a lot of attention on the internet.

People are talking a lot about the show’s main character, Wednesday Adams, played by Jenna Ortega, on their Instagram and Tik-Tok feeds.

People just love her character and how it has been portrayed. When the show came out, most critics liked it. They liked the overall plot, the way it was directed, and the way the actors played their parts.

The show is based on Charles Addams, who was a famous American cartoonist known for his oddball characters and dark humor, both of which are present in Wednesday Night Live (TV show).

After it came out, the show quickly became one of the most watched on Netflix, and it was nominated for several Golden Globe Awards.

Fans of the show are interested in more than just Wednesday’s dance, which has become a part of pop culture in the present day. So, Jenna Ortega’s character Wednesday is called Wednesday because of this. I mean, they could have given her any name, so why did they pick Wednesday?

So, today, we’ll go into all the details about why Wednesday is called that. Why was that name given to the famous Netflix character?

The Addams Family on Netflix: Why is Wednesday Called That?

There’s a fascinating backstory to why Jenna Ortega’s character Wednesday is called Wednesday. The explanation was actually given in the pilot episode itself.

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Morticia Adams, Wednesday’s mom, says that she chose the name for her daughter based on a passage from a nursery rhyme she loved as a kid that she thought summed up her personality perfectly.

The Tuesday baby is “full of grace,” as the saying goes.

“The Wednesday baby is chock full of woo.”

Wednesday is stunningly attractive, but she has a terrible personality. Someone who is woeful is a source of pain for others. Her mother chose the name Wednesday because she exemplifies these qualities. Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woo is the title of the pilot episode.

When Sir Addam’s characters finally got a TV series adaptation, he had to come up with a name for Wednesday. Actress Joan Blake proposed that Addams call Wednesday by that name from the well-known rhyme since she exemplified the passage so well.

Why Does Netflix's Adams Family Call Wednesday "Wednesday"?

The rhyme with which Sir Adam came up with the name Wednesday has become rather well-known and has been utilized in numerous blockbuster films over the years, including Star Trek.

Find Out More About Wednesday Addams, the Star of Netflix’s Wednesday Show.

Netflix’s Wednesday TV program stars Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. Wednesday is a very devious adolescent girl who uses her psychic abilities to sow havoc at her former school.

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One time, for example, she let out several lethal flesh-eating Piranha fish into a pool full of students, causing widespread chaos, and, best of all, Wednesday seemed to enjoy the experience. Such an impish deed was the final straw that sent her packing to Nevermore Academy.

Summary of the Wednesday Adams Show on Netflix

The protagonist of Netflix’s Wednesday Addams is Wednesday Adams (Jenna Ortega), a miserable young woman who only seems to succeed in making the lives of those around her more difficult. Her brother is bullied by a clique of students, so she gets even by releasing piranhas into the school pool.

Why Does Netflix's Adams Family Call Wednesday "Wednesday"?

Because of this, her parents had no choice but to send her to Nevermore Academy. A school that nurtures children with psychotic tendencies and supernatural abilities.

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Wednesday’s efforts to integrate into her new school make up the bulk of the plot. She investigates both a murder mystery and a local urban legend simultaneously.

Everyone should watch this show at least once since it’s a fascinating dark fantasy, coming-of-age story. Netflix has it available for viewing.


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