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Father of The Bride Cast 2022:Sofia’s Parents Are Surprised by The News!

My family always had a copy of the original Father of the Bride around for the holidays when I was a kid. All things starring Steve Martin are good. He made us laugh through Buffalo winters (no, we were not an It’s a Wonderful Life family), whether it was with Neal mistaking Del’s bosom for a pillow in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, or Naven protecting the cans in The Jerk or Freddy Benson defecating at dinner while wearing an eye patch in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

As a result, if a wild and crazy male classic comedy is replicated, I am wary of remaking any classic. I mean, there are already a lot of bad movies out there. DRS’s recreation of The Hustle resembled the original so closely that it was hard to tell them apart. This groom’s father has the guts to give the tale his own unique twist. Andy Garcia also has a hilarious moment in the film. Since the publication of Edward Streeter’s wryly observational comedy “Father of the Bride” in 1949, the wedding industry has grown exponentially.

An Unsatisfactory Provider.


His daughter’s wedding, he fears, will expose him as an unsatisfactory provider. After Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin took migraine medication, Gary Alazraki’s adaption puts Andy Garcia as the distressed patron with an ego that outshines his child’s more basic desires. Unlike the original, this version is raucous and overdone; it lacks heart. When it comes to the birds, even the ones that befuddled Martin has been replaced by perfectly coordinated flamingos Tear-jerkers in the audience do not need to make an appointment.

Cuban exile Billy Herrera (not an immigrant, as Garcia makes clear) has established an upper-class Miami lifestyle for himself. He began his career as a carpenter and worked his way up the ladder to become an architect. When screenwriter Matt Lopez has Billy bring up that problem for the fifth time, Billy’s family appears ready to pummel him. Ingrid (Gloria Estefan, a mellow and compassionate) on the other hand, has resolved to demolish their entire marriage.

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Announce Their Divorce.


Sofia (Adria Arjona), a workaholic New York lawyer, surprises her parents with the news that she has a boyfriend named Adan before they can announce their divorce (Diego Boneta). To top it off, she’s saying “I do.” One month from now. Before returning to his native Mexico. “What? Mexican cigars?” Billy has a sigh. Igor Jadue-Florida, Lillo’s with its bleachy whites and stiff, slicked-back hair, already makes him look like an out-of-place fossil.

In order to meet Billy’s expectations for a formal Catholic wedding, will blonde bobblehead Natalie (“SNL’s” Chloe Fineman”) come up with an event that pleases both the young folks’ fantasy of a casual zen-yoga feel and Billy’s requirements? Probably not. Despite this, she keeps yelling, “S Se Puede!
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” to get the crowd going. When Fineman is forced to roll her eyes at Garcia and say, “Okay, boomer,” it’s as cringe-inducing as it is awkward. Billy is hard-headed and conservative.

Adan’s Father Hernan.

Sofia's Parents Are Surprised by The News

Everyone else has varying degrees of inability. Billy gasps, “Can you do that?” as he learns that Sofia has proposed to Adan. Adan’s father Hernan (Pedro Damián), a wealthy Mexican beer tycoon, returns from Mexico with his ex-wife (Laura Harring), his new wife (Macarena Achaga), and a yawning checkbook that throws Billy into conniptions. “A guy possessed of a doomsday eloquence” was how the original literature portrayed the father of the bride. The majority of Garcia’s work is bullying and whining.)

The humor is formulaic and tedious. Each scenario is a new location for the same clash between tradition and modernity. On the other hand, a four-minute-long tracking shot of the wedding guests, captured by director Ali Alazraki, captures the frenzied energy that he strives for in the rest of the film. The conflict between the families of Cuban-Americans and Mexicans is referenced on occasion in the script. In one battle, the issue is whether or not the combat should be held in English or Spanish.

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The Butternut Squash.


Despite the fact that the situations Billy finds himself in becoming increasingly incomprehensible, money remains key to his stress. At first, Billy was annoyed that his family didn’t enjoy the butternut squash soup in the restaurant of his choice; now he’s outraged that Hernan’s superyacht is hosting an engagement party. In Miami, the strip club where Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Flo Rida, and Pitbull hang out, the bachelor party is greeted by gyrating dancers to blues-rock, as if the story took a wrong turn and accidentally blundered into a 1980s Dan Ackroyd comedy.

Generally speaking, the cast is satisfactory. Isidro Merced, who plays Billy’s youngest daughter, Dora the Explorer, makes the most of a weakly written role as Billy’s eccentric fashion designer. Arjona and Boneta, the newly engaged couple, beam with joy and sigh at appropriate moments.

They don’t give excellent puppy-dog eyes since the film doesn’t care enough about their characters to develop any chemistry. As soon as Garcia’s writing runs out of absurd ways to make him look, the great actor is able to bring the film true seriousness just in time for the final act.
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Estefan, on the other hand, plays her neglected wife as a believable person in most of their scenes. The film comes to life every time she grins. She’s the best reason to believe in love in the midst of all this foolishness.


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