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Home news According to BetMGM, Customers' Personal Information Was Accessed without Permission

According to BetMGM, Customers’ Personal Information Was Accessed without Permission

BetMGM, a supplier of sports betting and iGaming, admitted on Wednesday that it had improperly gathered the personal information of some of its customers.

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Affected data includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, Social Security number hashes, and BetMGM transaction details.

After discovering the security hole, the company launched an investigation and has been consulting with security experts to determine the full magnitude of the issue.

BetMGM reports unauthorized access of patron records

BetMGM has concluded that the breach occurred in May 2022, although there is no evidence to suggest that any customer passwords or funds were stolen at this time. The online division of BetMGM was not impacted. The company is working with the authorities and adopting extra safety measures.

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As BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt put it, “We are treating this as an emergency and are moving fast to conduct an investigation. BetMGM places a premium on the safety of our website and the information of our customers.

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Any trouble this may create is much regretted.”

BetMGM reports unauthorized access of patron records

BetMGM is providing two years of free credit monitoring and identity restoration services to customers who were harmed by the recent data breach, as stated in a press release. The firm has also established a toll-free hotline and frequently asked questions section on its website for customers.

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Residents of New Jersey who wish to learn more about identity theft prevention and internet privacy settings can do so by contacting the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs.

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