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Citrus Bowl Wagering Is Suspended at New Jersey’s Sportsbooks After Drew Brees’s Arrival

The state of New Jersey has banned Citrus Bowl wagering because… QB Drew Brees. True enough, the state has found the former NFL quarterback in violation of their laws. This has prompted government action.

You may recall that Drew Brees took a coaching position at Purdue. When head coach Jeff Brohm decided to depart Purdue for his alma university, Louisville, assistant coach Brees was brought in to help out in the meantime.

Drew Brees Causes New Jersey Sportsbooks to Stop Citrus Bowl Betting

It’s possible that Brees’s promotion work for a bookmaker will stick in people’s minds.

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While working as a coach at Purdue and a brand ambassador for PointsBet, the former New Orleans Saint is breaking state law.

While PointsBet did fire Brees as an ambassador on December 22nd, the damage had already been done. For the Garden State, this was an easy call. According to David Purdum of ESPN, the rule was broken by having “any ownership stake in, control of, or otherwise be hired by an operator.

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On the 22nd, PointsBet issued a statement formally ending their partnership with Brees. PointsBet released a statement congratulating Drew Brees on his new position as interim assistant coach for the Purdue Boilermakers. We have decided to cancel our ambassador partnership deal with Drew, despite the fact that this is a very promising next step in his career.

Sportsbook by Drew Brees Dilemma

Drew Brees Causes New Jersey Sportsbooks to Stop Citrus Bowl Betting

The New Jersey authorities did not include Drew Brees in their report. The obvious target, however, was not obscured. And it’s not intended to harm anyone.
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This is simply the government checking in to make sure everything is in order.

This is a smart strategy, considering how cautious people have become of the growth of sports betting in recent years. Brees is now part of the team. Then he severed ties with the sportsbook where he had been employed. In all honesty, that’s as legit as it gets.

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At the Citrus Bowl, it appears that Drew Brees and his coaching staff will be the underdogs. Brian Brohm, brother of Jeff Brohm, took over for him at Purdue. They’ll be attempting an upset over LSU with that squad.

Different sportsbooks give the Tigers varying advantages, but most put them at a two-touchdown advantage. A rout is possible in this match. A surprise performance from the underdog Big 10 squad is possible.


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