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Is Lil Nas Pregnant? Rapper Fans Confused After They See Their Baby Bump!

To keep his fans satisfied, pop artist Lil Nas X often drops new albums. American rapper and performer Lil Nas X. Montero Lamar Hill was born on April 9, 1999. It wasn’t until his rap tune “Old Town Road” went viral at the beginning of 2019 that he found widespread notoriety.

Some of Lil Nas X’s fans have expressed skepticism over the authenticity of his pregnancy belly. The complete list of facts is below. Several images that Lil Nas X has posted online show him with a “pregnancy baby bump,” shocking his many followers.

Explanation of Lil Nas X’s “Nah he tweakin'” comment on Tony Hawk’s Instagram. This 22-year-old rapper has generated quite a stir in the transgender internet community, with some believing he faked a pregnancy to promote the release of his debut album. Fans, however, want to know if Lil Nas X is actually expecting a child.

Is Lil Nas X Pregnant?

Despite the incredibly realistic maternity photo session he has posted, Lil Nas X is not actually pregnant. The photographs were taken in promotion of the rapper’s new album, which is set for release later this month. As a result of taking this word at face value, the rapper dropped a photoshoot documenting her pregnancy.

Is Lil Nas Pregnant

There are pictures of him wearing a white robe and holding a floral crown as his pregnant belly is clearly visible. Lil Nas X tweeted the images with the caption, “SURPRISE! I still can’t believe I’m making this public. I’m expecting my little “MONTERO” on September 17, 2021.

Also, he shared a sonogram in which his own likeness can be seen, as featured on the album’s cover. As the rapper told People, the inspiration for the shoot came from hearing Megan Thee Stallion’s rhyme about his new puppy, Dolla Sign Slime. He exclaimed, “Oh my God, this is great” before dialing the number of his stylist.

“After a moment, she said, “Wow, everything makes sense now. Album, yours. This is your little one.” This is my little boy, I thought. She said, “Yeah, you should do a pregnancy shoot,” just half in jest. “ In a moment of epiphany, I said to myself, “You know what?

That’s so ingenious it’s scary. The whole thing is finally coming out, and it’s fantastic. In the days leading up to the album’s release, he regularly updated his followers with videos and photos from his pregnancy. On the day the album was officially launched, he shared a video of himself giving delivery.

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Lil Nas X Experiences Contractions

On 16th September Lil Nas X shared a video on Twitter where he can be seen on the bathroom floor embracing his baby bump. “Having contractions” was the caption for the video. Lil Nas X’s followers started to speculate that when he said “I guess it’s coming,

The baby’s coming,” he was announcing the release date of his upcoming album, Montero. Lil Nas X shared a video of his contractions and then later confirmed that Montero will be born later that night. Soon his child will be born.

Rapper’s Baby Bump Leaves Fans Confused

Despite the fact that Lil Nas’s pregnancy photos were obviously a hoax, a number of his followers have come to believe that the rapper is actually carrying a baby, with some even wondering aloud on Twitter whether or not a male can become pregnant. The rapper’s satire had that much of an effect.

Among the tweets was, “Wait is Lil Nas X genuinely pregnant?” Someone else questioned, “Is Lil Nas X genuinely pregnant?” Honest to goodness? I need to know if anyone would mind answering my questions. Just saw the timeline why is Lil Nas x pregnant,” another user tweeted.

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Lil Music Career

Lil Nas X finished recording his first studio album in 2020. On November 13th, he gave a presentation about his newest hit, Holiday. He then revealed that his forthcoming single, titled “Holiday,” would be released on November 8, 2020.

Is Lil Nas Pregnant

The music video for “Montero” premiered on March 26, 2021. Lil’s first track to be featured on the Billboard Hot 100 chart peaking at number 37. The music video for that song was seen 10,000,000 times in under a month. For anyone interested, here is Lil’s Instagram handle.


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