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Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together: They Get Married or Not?

Is there still a spark between Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh after 90 days of marriage? When Jenny discovered Sumit’s great secret—that he was married to another woman in an arranged marriage set up by his parents, but he actually wanted to be with Jenny—it was one of the most surprising turns in the history of the franchise and the source of much drama in the first season of The Other Way.

They were determined to keep battling for their love and their right to be together when the international flames returned for season 2.

The third season saw a standstill in their relationship as Sumit began to have second thoughts about proposing to Jenny. The pair may have gotten married in a private ceremony, but they still had a long road ahead of them.

After finishing school, the two moved on to the spinoff Happily Ever After. where they have continued to chronicle the ups and downs of their passionate love story.

If you want to know where Jenny and Sumit stand in terms of their relationship right now, you’ll want to read on.

What Brought Jenny and Sumit Together?

Ten years ago, in 2011, Sumit and Jenny met online, but their relationship got off to a rocky start when Sumit catfished Jenny using the alias “Michael Jones” and sent her photos of someone else.

Jenny had fallen in love with him during their four months of online communication, so he was relieved to find out that she was willing to overlook his catfishing.

Jenny spent four months with Sumit and his family in India in 2013. At that time, the couple was engaged to be married. In spite of this, Sumit’s loved ones were not happy about the pairing.

Sumit While Jenny Was Away, His Parents Arranged for Him to Get Married.

They planned Sumit’s marriage to another woman once Jenny moved back to the US. Sumit and Jenny were long-distance engaged, but he secretly tied the knot without telling Jenny.

When Jenny moved across the ocean from the United States to be with Sumit in 2019, she anticipated getting married to him and beginning a new life together.
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Jenny learned the devastating news when Sumit’s father-in-law, Sumit’s wife, and the rest of Sumit’s family showed up at the apartment they had been sharing for a while. Jenny’s discovery of Sumit’s betrayal seemed to spell the end of their relationship, but he refused to give up.

The married man made it clear that he wanted to continue seeing Jenny and was prepared to file for divorce if necessary. Jenny could forgive him, but only if he divorced his marriage.

But that created an issue with the couple’s housing situation. In order to be with Sumit in India, Jenny packed up her life in the United States and moved there.

Her visa only allowed her to stay in India for three months, so she planned to get married to Sumit as soon as possible so that she could remain in the country legally as Sumit’s wife after her visa expired.
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Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together

After the conclusion of Season 1, Jenny was forced to return to the United States because he was legally married to another lady.

Jenny was seen in August 2019 at a Walmart in Hemet, California, which is about an hour away from her home in Palm Springs. A fan took a selfie with the reality star after recognizing her, proving that she was back in the United States.

Is Jenny’s Relationship With Sumit Still Going Strong?

Jenny and Sumit got married, and now they’re moving on to the next level in the spinoff series Happily Ever After.

It’s great that the happy couple has made it down the aisle, but their lives together are only just beginning.

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Even though Sumit’s parents are aware of the marriage at this point, they still refuse to accept it. TLC has hinted that the couple’s age difference of 33 years, on top of the normal difficulties with Sumit’s family, may cause them to “realize their visions for married life may not be compatible.”


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