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Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? Rumors of Selena Gomez’s Pregnancy Have Leaked!

In Only Murders in the Building, Selena Gomez shines brightest. Her acting abilities are simply one of her numerous strengths. The fact that she is pregnant, however, has made her a trending topic on the show, suggesting that people are more concerned with her physical appearance than her actual content. That, however, is not the case.
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On Tuesday (June 28), the premiere episode of the Hulu series’ second season became available, and fans have been praising the singer and her crew as they attempt to solve a crime mystery on social media. While much is being said about the show and Selena’s part in it, here is the truth behind the social media pregnancy rumors.

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant?

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant?

People may have thought Selena was pregnant on the show, but we can assure them that this is not the case. Her outfit choices for the show may have misled viewers into thinking she was expecting. In the preview, Selena can be seen wearing baggy clothes and a sweatshirt. Someone on Twitter correctly pointed out that it is only a clothing illusion.

She hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy, and neither has the singer, according to credible claims. Neither her most recent images at the premiere nor any of her Instagram posts give any indication that she is pregnant.

To conclude, Selena is not pregnant in either the show or in real life.

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Selena’s Tik Toks Sparked a Pregnancy Rumor

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant?

Unfortunately, Some People on Social Media Feel Entitled to Pry Into Your Life Whenever They Like, Proving Once Again that The Internet Can Be a Cold and Unforgiving Place. A Year Ago, One of Selena’s Tik Toks Sparked a Pregnancy Rumor, and The Same Thing Happened.

She Wears a Sweatshirt and Dances with A Pal to Baila Conmigo in The Video. Fans Began Talking About Her Rumored Pregnancy Almost Immediately. This Was Falsehood Back Then and It Remains False Today.

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WTF Is the Deal with The only Murderers in The Building?

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant?

Mystery-Comedy Series only Murderers in The Building Follows Three Random People Who Become Captivated with A True-Crime Podcast. They’ll Get Caught up In One Quickly Enough. Principal Actors Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Play Charles-Haden Savage, Oliver Putnam, and Mabel Mora, respectively. The Murder Victim, Tim Kono, Is Portrayed to Be a Friend of The Singer’s Character, Who Is Seen residing in The Flat Where the Crime Takes Place. The Second Season of Only Murderers in The Building Can Be Seen on Hulu.

When Asked About Her Plans for The Future, Selena Did Not Mention Having Children Selena Was Asked in A 2020 Interview with Dazed Where She Sees Herself at The Age of 37, and She Did Not Hint that She Is Eager to Become a Mother. I Intend to Continue Doing Good Work and Enjoying Some of The Things I Enjoy Now.

There Will Be an Element of Surprise, I Believe. but I Do Wish that I Am Extremely Content and Contributing Positively to The World,” Selena Stated. Perhaps Having Children Is Still in Selena’s Future, but She Seems to Have Other Priorities Right Now. Pregnancy Rumors Come and Go, but Selena Is Now Concentrating on Her Career and Charitable Efforts.


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