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Ian Schinelli and Jana Kramer Have Broken Up| After Just a Year of Dating!

After making her romance Instagram official in January, Jana revealed that she and Ian Schinelli had split up.

She was asked what advice she would provide to someone going through a breakup during an appearance with Access Hollywood on April 22. “I mean, I’m sorta going through that right now,” Jana said.

“Wait what?” said Scott Evans of Access Hollywood. “Are you serious?” reporter Kit Hoover said.

Jana responded: “You already know it’s excellent. ‘Your tale isn’t over,’ I believe I would still say. You will never be alone. It’s never—never it’s as horrible as it seems to be at the time.

‘” “And I believe the time is a great thing, and to just know that God has larger things for you in-store,” she said, continuing her breakup wisdom.

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They like being together.

The message stated, “If you’re happy alone, you’ll be happier together.” “There is no amount of affection that can make someone love themselves if they don’t already.

Dependency does not equal independence.
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Attaching oneself to a safe person provides no personal security.”

“You won’t make good choices about someone else until you have a healthy connection with yourself,” the message said.

Ian Schinelli Broken Up

Jana claimed on her Whine Down With Jana Kramer podcast in January that she met Ian via Shawn Johnson’s husband, Andrew East.

“When I arrived at the party, I saw a gentleman in an orange shirt and thought to myself, “Oh wow, he’s gorgeous, but he’s definitely married.” I’m not very interested in it “she remembered “However, to cut a long tale short, Andrew approached me and said, ‘Hey, there’s a person here I want you to meet.'”

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Jana was married.

Jana was married to Mike Caussin for six years before meeting Ian. Jolie, six, and Jace, three, are the couple’s children. Jana filed for divorce in April 2021, and the couple divorced in July of that year.

jana-kramer was married

Jana posted on Instagram last year, “I’ve loved hard.” “I’ve made amends. I’ve put forth the effort. I’ve given all I have, and now I’m out of options.’ It’s time.’ Please know that I still believe in marriage, love, and the ability to repair. I’ve had enough of fighting. It’s time to become well.”

Jana celebrated their relationship with an “appreciation post” for the personal trainer on Instagram in March.

Jana commented, “He knew I was heading into this week with a lot of emotions, and instead of making me feel horrible or insane for them, he listened and was there.” “So far, I’ve learned… It’s not about being flawless… It’s all about learning, developing, and loving.”

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Jana Kramer is single.

Kramer revealed Friday that she and lover Ian Schinelli, 38, are “going through” a split after she erased all images of her beloved off her Instagram account.

jana kramer is single now

“I mean, I’m going through it right now [a breakup]. Yeah, I believe what I’d say [for breakup advice] is that your narrative isn’t done yet “she said to Access. “You’ll never be alone yourself. It’s not as horrible as it seems right now.”

Schinelli, 36, is no longer on Kramer’s Instagram, and the actress uploaded a message to her Instagram Story on Friday on the perks of being blissfully single.


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