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How Did the Migos breakup? Quavo and Takeoff Broken up After Offset Unfollows Them!

Quavo and Offset are feuding once again, this time implying that Migos is over — at least, that’s the internet rumor, and Quavo isn’t doing much to quell it.

When a photographer approached Huncho at LAX on Thursday, he was questioned about speculations that the trio was parting up, and his reaction was… intriguing. Quavo’s new Offset-less project and a slew of social media UNfollows are to blame for all the chatter about Migos’ doom.

He was eager to discuss one of them, specifically, his and Takeoff’s new song “Hotel Lobby.” Due to their familial links, the new combo will be known as Unc & Phew, although Quavo expertly avoided the issue of Offset.

ICYMI … Quavo and Takeoff unfollowed Offset and Cardi B on Instagram, and Quavo unfollowed Offset and Cardi. Like Switzerland, Takeoff is still chasing everyone.

Is this genuine beef? Quavo isn’t saying anything, which leads us to believe this is a clever marketing ploy by Unc & Phew.

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Quavo (born Quavious Keyate Marshall), Takeoff (born Kirshnik Khari Ball), and Offset (born Kiari Kendrell Cephus) created Migos in 2008.

breaking down the migos

They were initially known as the Polo Club. Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle, while Offset is Quavo’s cousin. The three members are connected and were reared together.

They grew up together in Gwinnett County, just 30 minutes northeast of downtown Atlanta. “‘My area was tough, so I had to go out there and work,’ I’m not going to say. We made things difficult for ourselves. We made the decision to remain on the streets “Quavo said.

quavo's solo debut

On August 25, 2011, the group released their debut full-length effort, Juug Season, a mixtape. On June 1, 2012, they released the mixtape No Label. Tucker Toenjes and Mitchell Thomas assisted.

The breakup has created a lot of talks.

The Migos‘ apparent separation has sparked a lot of speculation, but Quavo has remained silent on the subject.

TMZ caught up with the Georgia rapper at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday afternoon (May 19), just hours after rumors surfaced that turmoil was brewing within the Atlanta-based trio.

Quavo just did not respond when questioned about the group’s condition. When asked for an update, Quavo pondered his response for some seconds before responding, “Uh, no.”

saweetie confirm

Quavo touted his new track with Takeoff, “Hotel Lobby,” which was released today, when asked whether he was going solo (May 20). He declined to provide any further information on the rumored dispute between group members.

Red flags went up for Migos fans on Thursday when Offset unfollowed Takeoff and Quavo on Instagram, as previously reported. The weird but clearly deliberate behavior occurred around the same time that Quavo and Takeoff revealed they would be releasing music as Unc & Phew. It’s unclear whether this is what triggered the trio’s protentional split.

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The Migos broke up, according to fans.

Will another top-selling act leave hip-hop? That might be the situation with the Migos, according to social media users. Takeoff and Quavo were both unfollowed by Offset and Cardi B, according to Twitter users. The date the hip-hop pair unfollowed one other is unknown, but the Twitter user revealed the news on May 18, 2022.

after beakup

Keep in mind that celebrities often unfollow one another on social media. That isn’t to say that the three are now in conflict with one another or with one individual. Not to mention, before launching a new project, some musicians unfollow or modify the aesthetics of their social media profiles.

Because the Migos have yet to respond to the reports, fans may be prematurely speculating about their split. As a result, fans will have to wait and see what happens with this new development.


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