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Callux and Sarah Breakup: The Reasons Behind the Breakup of Their 5-Year Relationship!

Callux was originally named Callum. The YouTuber Aaron McGinley often works with other YouTubers to make prank videos. His most popular uploads are either lifestyle/vlog or challenge videos, which get him a lot of views.

Callux and Sarah Close, a YouTube cover artist, broke up and posted an announcement video on 12 October 2019. Their relationship dated back many years. When popular people from the Internet like YouTubers, vloggers, and influencers gather together, a bubble of positivity and support forms. Yet, the online reaction to the couples’ breakups is a fascinating show to watch unfold.

For many online celebrities, social media is a hotbed for sadness, from YouTube videos documenting the breakup to extensive Instagram posts detailing what went wrong.

The split video of Liza Koshy and David Dobrik, viewed more than 57 million times, is a prime example. However, British YouTubers Callux and Sarah Close have recently become the latest couple to split up.

Timeline of Callux and Sarah’s Relationship

Callux and Sarah Breakup

27-year-old Callux (actual name: Callum Aaron McGinley) has been a YouTube prankster since 2012. Currently, he is one of the most popular British YouTubers with 3.1 million subscribers and about half a billion video views.

A little over four and a half years ago, he began dating Sarah Close, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter. They first began dating at the beginning of 2014, and their relationship was openly documented by the media. Sarah’s musical career got its start when she posted cover songs on YouTube. To begin her career, she released the track “Call Me Out.”

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Explaining the Split!

Callux and Sarah Breakup

On October 12, 2019, the Pair Shared a Video on Callux’s Account Explaining Why They Had Decided to End Their Five-Year Relationship. The “we Broke Up” Video Is Every Bit as Tearful and Devastating as Its Title Suggests. “We Have Had a Fairly Great Split in Terms of How Breakups Happen,” Sarah stated. The Event, Callux Added, “happened Over a Bowl of Ramen, Two Bowls of Ramen, and We Cried Into the Bowls of Ramen.”

Sarah’s Instagram from The 19th of July, 2019 Is the Last One of The Two of Them Together. the Exact Date of The Breakup Is Unknown, but Given the Couple’s Declining Social Media Presence, It Likely Occurred Between September and October.

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Hurt Spreads Like Fire Throughout the Worldwide Web

Callux and Sarah Breakup

Callux Continued the Gloomy Tone by Explaining Why He Loved Sarah so Much, as If the Video Wasn’t Already Heartbreaking Enough. He remarked, “This Girl Right Here Is One of The Most Wonderful Girls I’ve Ever Met.

Over the Past Five Years, I Feel Like We’ve Moulded Each Other or Adapted to One Other, and The Next Person Is Going to Be Lucky. You’re the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me,” Callux Sobbed. It’s No Surprise It Took Them Two Tries to Get the Breakup Video Right. A Number of Followers Have Turned to Twitter and YouTube to Express Their Sadness Over the Couple’s Breakup.


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