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Mike and Ike Breakup: The Candy Brand Known as Mike and Ike Has Confirmed the Breakup!

Mike and Ike, the candy company, has announced that their namesake couple is breaking up in “hope[s] the development captures the imagination of younger consumers,” as reported by The New York Times. To attract younger consumers, we suppose it wouldn’t hurt to create a fictional breakup in which the characters get back together in the end.

Ads on billboards and packaging will include crossed-out versions of “Ike” and “Mike” in the new campaign. The Times adds that Ike has composed a letter criticising Mike for “spending way too much time on his music” and will include it on the back of the package with Mike’s name struck out.

Mike will leave a message on the packages where Ike’s name has been crossed out, saying things like, “Ike spends way too much time on his graffiti painting.”

To Explain:  What Are Mike and Ikes?

mike and ike breakup

In 1940, Just Born, Inc. launched a line of fruit-flavoured candy called Mike and Ike. There are several theories as to where the candy’s name came from, but no one knows for sure. Mike and Ikes used to come in a single flavour, but over the years, more flavours have been created.

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Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Is Home To A Bar Called the Mike and Ike. Some Have Suggested that The Name Comes from The Comic Strip Mike and Ike (they Look Alike), but That Series Ceased in The 1940s, so This Is Unlikely.

It’s Also Possible that The Name Refers To The Matina Brothers, Two of Whom, Known as “mike” and “Ike,” Were Billed as Circus Dwarves and Had Roles as Munchkins in The 1939 Film the Wizard of Oz; Author Dean Jensen Claimed the Two Brothers Had Become so Popular in America that A Boxed Candy Was Named After Them.

Billboards and Other Forms of Advertising in The New Campaign Will Feature Packaging with “Ike” or “mike” Crossed Out.
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According to The Times, on The Back of The Candy Wrapper, Ike Will Write a Note Criticising Mike for “spending Entirely Too Much Time on His Music.” Mike Will Write a Statement Criticising Ike for “spending Way Too Much Time on His Graffiti Painting” on The Packages Where Ike’s Name Has Been Blacked Out.
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Mike and Ike Candy in A Variety of Flavors

mike and ike breakup

The Company, However, Manufactured Over 25 Distinct Flavours of Mike and Ikes. the Just Born Company Has Been Producing Ice Cream Since 1940 with The Orignal Fruits Flavour, Then in 1987 with Berry Blast, in 2005 with Tangy Twister, in 1977 with Tropical Typhoon, and In 2008 with Italian Ice. Similar Sour Candies to Jolly Joes from 1973 and Lemonade Blends from 2007 Were Available.

Delicious New Mike and Ikes Flavours Have Been Introduced Periodically Since 1999, Including Sour Fruits, Red Rageous, Strawberry Reunion, Sweet Paradise, Mega Mix, Mega Mix Sour, and Mega Mix. Lemon, Blueberry, Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, and Watermelon Are Just a Few of The Organic Fruits that Enrich the Flavours of These Sweets. Just Born Has Released Limited Edition and Retro Flavours in Addition to Their Standard Selection.

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The Mike and Ike Sundae Sweets

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These Sweets Were Produced by The Company for A Specific Holiday or Season. Lemon and Watermelon Were Introduced in 1991; Cherry and Bubble Gum in 1996; Strawberry and Banana in 1999; and Strawberries and Cream and Oranges and Cream in 2000.

Mike and Ike, Too, Offered Limited-Time Mixes Including “valentine’s Mix,” “mummy’s Mix,” and “sundae Sweets.” the Mike and Ike Sundae Sweets, Mike and Ike Cotton Candy, and Mike and Ike Rootbeer Float Limited Edition Candies Were Released by Just Born in 2017.


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