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HomenewsFDA Recall 2022:Hepatitis a Outbreak Has Resulted in A Strawberry Recall!

FDA Recall 2022:Hepatitis a Outbreak Has Resulted in A Strawberry Recall!

(KXAN) – AUSTIN, TX – On Saturday, the FDA launched a hepatitis A inquiry into FreshKampo or H-E-B brand organic strawberries.
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If you buy strawberries between March 5 and April 25, the FDA recommends not eating, serving, or selling them.

“At this time, the possibly impacted FreshKampo and HEB products have passed their expiration date. People who bought fresh organic strawberries from FreshKampo and HEB between March 5, 2022, and then frozen them for later usage should not consume them, according to the FDA.
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Strawberries Are Being Recalled in 2022.

strawberry recall 2022

According to the FDA, the strawberries were disseminated across the United States. These goods may be found at the following stores:

  • Aldi
  • H-E-B
  • Kroger
  • Safeway
  • Farmers Market at Sprouts
  • Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain in the United States.
  • Walmart
  • Weis Markets is a company that specializes in financial markets.
  • Foods from WinCo

During traceback investigations, the FDA discovered that people in California, Minnesota, and Canada bought fresh organic strawberries from FreshKamp or H-E-B before falling sick. California has recorded fifteen instances of hepatitis A infection, while Minnesota and North Dakota each had one case.

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Twelve Patients Have Been Admitted to The Hospital.

The FDA reports that 12 people have been hospitalized as a result of the 17 instances. Hepatitis A is a contagious virus that may cause liver illness.

hepatitis a virus

It usually appears 15 to 50 days after eating or drinking infected food or beverage.

According to the FDA, mild instances might last a few weeks, while severe cases can last months. Hepatitis A may lead to liver failure and death in those who have pre-existing medical disorders or have weaker immune systems. Individuals often recover entirely within one to two weeks, according to the FDA.


Fatigue, nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, jaundice, dark urine, and pale stool are all symptoms of hepatitis A.

Individuals may be asymptomatic in certain situations, particularly in youngsters under the age of six.

If you suspect you may have signs of a hepatitis A infection after eating these fresh organic strawberries, or if you believe you have eaten these strawberries in the recent two weeks, the FDA recommends consulting a healthcare practitioner. The inquiry is still underway, according to the FDA’s website.

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The FDA Is Looking Into a Hepatitis an Epidemic.

Affected items will be branded “Products of Mexico” and “Distributed by Meridian Fruits,” FreshKampo stated in a statement to USA TODAY.


“FreshKampo wants customers to know that it will continue to engage with health regulators and supply chain partners to discover where an issue may have happened in the supply chain and take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again,” the company said in a statement.

HEB said all strawberries in its shops are safe to eat, and that the supplier under investigation hasn’t delivered or sold organic strawberries since April 16.

According to the CDC, hepatitis A is a vaccine-preventable liver illness. It is a contagious infection with symptoms that may last up to two months, including exhaustion, nausea, stomach discomfort, and jaundice. According to the FDA, it may cause liver failure and death in rare situations.

According to the FDA, 17 instances of Hepatitis A have been documented as part of the epidemic, with 12 of them requiring hospitalization. California has 15 instances, Minnesota has one, and North Dakota has one.

The FDA advises that anybody who has eaten strawberries in the recent two weeks and has not been vaccinated against the virus visit their health care provider.


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