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Happy Memorial Day 2022: How About a ‘Happy Memorial Day’ Greeting? Americans Are Divided in Their Feelings!

Today (May 30, 2022) is Memorial Day, a day to remember and respect all those who have sacrificed their lives in the service of their nation.

While it may feel natural to wish someone a “Happy Memorial Day,” Americans are divided on whether the term is suitable for the national day of remembering.

For many families who have lost loved ones, the day is solemn and a time of introspection, rather than a happy occasion as the emotion may indicate.

What Is the Meaning of Memorial Day?

The federal holiday’s roots may be traced back to the post-Civil War period, when the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union army veterans, advocated for a day to memorialize the deaths of those who perished protecting their nation.


Until Congress established the Uniform Holiday Act in 1968, it was typically celebrated on May 30.

Memorial Day is currently honored on the final Monday in May, and some have questioned the holiday’s joyful mood, which is generally characterized by cookouts among friends and family, as well as discounts at large shops.

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Is Saying “happy Memorial Day” Ever Appropriate?

Veterans Organizations Are Split on Whether Using the Word on A Government Holiday Is Insulting. The Code of Support Foundation (cosf), a Non-Profit Organization based in The United States that Works to Ensure that Members of The Military,

Veterans, Caregivers, and Surviving Families Receive the Support They Have Earned Through Their Service and Sacrifice, Is Urging Americans to Remember the True Meaning of Memorial Day and “seek Ways to Honor Our Nation’s Heroes Who Died in Service to Our Great Nation.”

Memorial Day’s Significance.

“visit a Military Cemetery or War Monument, Participate in Local Events Offered by Local Veteran Organizations, or Just Learn More About Those Who Defend Our Country,” the Group Recommends.

happy memorial day 2022

Cosf Ceo and Co-Founder Kristina Kaufmann Told Newsweek that The Significance of Memorial Day Is Profoundly Personal for Some People and Not a Day to Celebrate, Thus Wishing Someone a “happy Memorial Day” Is Inappropriate.

“Instead, Code of Support Recommends that You Utilize This Day to Reflect on And Commemorate Those Who Have Died in Service to Our Country—both on And Off the Battlefield: ‘on Memorial Day and Every Day, I Remember and Honor Those Who Have Given the Ultimate Sacrifice and Their Families,'” Kaufmann Added.

Foundation for The Code of Support.

Memorial Day, According to Kaufmann, Is a Day to Remember a Loved Grandparent, Parent, Spouse, Child, Brother, Cousin, or Friend Who Died While Serving the Country.

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“as a Former Wartime Army Wife, I Use This Day to Say Aloud the Names of The 24 Military Men and Veterans I Personally Know Who Gave Their Lives. I Also Consider Their Families’ Contributions to Our Country “she Said

“code of Support Foundation Would Like to Express Our Heartfelt Sympathies and Appreciation for Your Loved One to All Who Have Been Affected by This Tragedy. We Will Never Forget What Happened.”

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Why Shouldn’t You Wish Someone a Happy Memorial Day?

Because the Word “happy” Has Such a Cheerful Connotation, Many People Think that Wishing “happy Memorial Day” Is Inappropriate, Especially when The Day Has a Solemn Connotation.

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Memorial Day Is a Day Dedicated to Remembering Those Who Died While Serving in The Military or In Other Capacities for The United States of America.
Jennie Haskamp, A marine Corps veteran, Penned an Op-Ed for The Washington Post in 2015 in Which She Voiced Her Dissatisfaction with Memorial Day’s Emphasis on Barbecues.

“i’m Angered by Individuals Around the Nation Who See Memorial Day as Anything Other than A Day to Honor Our War Dead. ‘happy Memorial Day,’ I Despise Hearing. the Controversy Over Whether or Not to Use the Word “happy” For Memorial Day has grown over the years, with many people saying it is inappropriate.


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