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Chris Olsen Breakup: Ian Paget and Chris Olsen, A Popular Tik Tok Couple, Recently Split Up!

Until it doesn’t, everyone believes a passionate relationship can survive indefinitely. Many of us long for the kind of genuine love and devotion we witness in internet couples who make adorable movies. But what we see on television doesn’t always reflect what goes on behind the scenes.

After the former couple Ian Paget and Chris Olsen started creating TikToks a few months into their relationship, viewers fell in love with them and their relationship. However, they made the decision to split up in early 2022. Despite the outrage from their fanbase, the two made it clear that they are still friends.

Why They Broke Up?

Chris Olsen Breakup

Chris and Ian’s breakup leaves many questions unanswered. Chris and Ian revealed their shared struggle to maintain a flawless relationship in a January 2022 video they uploaded on YouTube. The couple broke up in a video titled “We Broke Up,” in which they discuss the negative effects of their public relationship on their personal lives. Two years had passed since they’d first met.

Iconic quote from the video: “Being in the public glare the way that we’ve been these last, like, year and a half, two years is weird.” — Ian. “And multifaceted, layered, and under intense pressure. We’ve decided that it’s in our best interest for the time being to go about life in a rather unromantic fashion “To which he added. Ian added that he and Chris are still able to maintain a “meaningful, deep connection and relationship” despite their breakup.

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They Began Making Tik Toks Together

Chris Olsen Breakup

Chris Olsen blamed his split from Ian Paget on his rise to stardom on the video-sharing app TikTok. Chris revealed in the clip that he and Ian had just been dating for seven months before they began making TikToks together. He claimed that the two of them hadn’t known each other very long and didn’t know each other very well. However, the overwhelming volume of shipments from strangers online eventually broke them down.

So to be immediately shipped as this beautiful amazing couple, if we ever broke up people wouldn’t believe in love, was just like a lot of pressure,” Chris said. Chris and Ian agree that their followers didn’t want to put them under such intense pressure that they ultimately buckled under it. They’re not holding each other responsible for the breakup and have both posted TikToks about how to remain friends after a breakup. Text superimposed on the video reads, “When you break up but are still great friends.”

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The Breakup Was Made Public

Chris Olsen Breakup

On the same day, Ian also shared a video on YouTube in which he and Chris discussed the breakdown of their relationship and prepared to make their own breakup video. Before sitting down on the couch for the recording, the two are making sure they look their best, with Ian putting on a blond wig. While the two have created a few TikToks together since the breakup was made public, they haven’t appeared in any videos together in quite some time.

During the November 2021 premiere of Tick, Tick… Boom!, the pair continued the trend of fans becoming accustomed to seeing them walk the red carpet together. In June of last year, Chris released a video of him and Ian playing a joke on each other by using the bald filter. Some of their followers on social media began to wonder whether there was trouble in paradise as they noticed the couple occasionally posting images of themselves apart and attending red carpet events without one another. The pair claimed in their most recent TikTok that they are “best friends” despite their breakup.


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