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American Horror Story Season 11 Episode 7 and 8: How to Watch Season 11 of American Horror Story?

This season of American Horror Story may be the slowest to date. Typically, viewers are already aware of what is occurring. This season has been exceptional. Instead of a single horror, AHS: New York has included several.

There is an illness affecting the LGBTQ+ community, a serial killer targeting homosexual men, and who knows what’s going on with Big Daddy. Although the season has been fantastic, it has not had the same vibe as previous seasons. Episodes 5 and 6 changed that, thankfully.

Fran obtained a part-time job as a Tarot card reader. She may have believed that this would be merely a paying gig (despite claiming to have visions), but that rapidly changed when Adam and Hannah arrived.

Fran drew for them the cards Judgment, Devil, and Death. After another reshuffle, the same three cards appeared. The cards were then dislodged, and they all revealed Death. Hannah and Adam fled in fear and haste as a result.

Adam later relates to Gino his encounter with Fran. Gino believes she is deceiving others and visits her. Kathy Pizzaz gives him the reading instead of Fran. Here, we discover that Kathy is more than she appears.

Behind her, as she gives Gino his reading, the Angel of Death appears. She offers Gino the opportunity to die and then cowers in the corner. This is where the audience discovers that Gino may not be as innocent as he portrays himself to be.

Kathy and the Angel of Death bring up the fact that Gino has allegedly done some things he is not proud of. It is so vile that he almost welcomed death as a release.

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Expectations for the Upcoming American Horror Story: New York Episode

Mr. Whitely has been murdering homosexuals. In Episode 6 of American Horror Story: New York, he explains that he is constructing something. Even in the darkness, it appears to be an extremely blasphemous Frankenstein Monster.

Whitely also claims he will unveil it at the New York Pride Parade. The preceding trailer did not depict the end result, but whatever it is, it is enough to terrify Patrick. Ironically, Patrick is partially responsible for Whitely’s behavior.

The sixth episode of American Horror Story: New York depicts Patrick and Sam’s brief romance.

During that time, someone died while they were in an intimate relationship. Whether or whether this was their fault is debatable.

Nonetheless, they concealed something. What transpired next is crucial to notice. Sam contacted Henry, or Velvet Touch to the mafia, to handle the situation. Henry recruits Mr. Whitely to dismember the corpse. This appears to be the source of his drive to kill and mutilate others.

Regarding Sam, do not be surprised if we discover that he is working with Whitely. Something is wrong with him. The preview reveals that he will play a significant role in one of the next episodes. We must wait and see just what that is.

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How to Watch Season 11 of American Horror Story?

Full information on how to watch the upcoming two episodes of season 11 of American Horror Story, as well as the remainder of the series, is provided below, including start time, TV channel, live stream, and more:

  • Wednesday, November 9 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Season of 11 episodes, including “The Sentinel” and “Fire Island”
  • TV information: FX
  • Live stream: Hulu

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Wednesday night, “The Sentinel” and “Fire Island” will screen first on FX. The following day, they are made available for viewing on Hulu, where they will remain permanently.

After the season concludes, it will be available on Amazon Prime Video and other VOD platforms for purchase.


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