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Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 12: Recap of Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 12!

Welcome back to Bachelor Nation at the beach! With only four episodes remaining, Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise is drawing to a close.

With another rose ceremony on the horizon, will everyone remain together? The most recent additions to the beach have been males attempting to form relationships so late in the season.

The twins appeared to make an impression with Florence and Shanae, but was it sufficient? Hayden took Kate on a first date with the intention of winning her heart.

While Hayden’s date did not appear to go well, Kate and Logan may have grown closer. Let’s find out what happened in episode 12 when everyone reunited!

Recap of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 12

1. Kate’s Comeback

Kate returned for her one-on-one date with Logan eager to discuss their relationship following Hayden’s entrance on Bachelor in Paradise.

In an emotional conversation in the rain, Logan explained that he didn’t want her to go on the date since he still had deep feelings for her. The couple’s passionate kiss in the rain seemed to mend their relationship.

This was suitable for that night, but perhaps not the following day. Kate awoke uncertain of her ultimate identity. Logan is significantly younger than her, and as she converses with the other girls, she begins to doubt their future together.

Hayden has money, as seen by the six-digit amount he paid for his dog, and could provide for them both. She stated that Hayden met several of her requirements and is closer to her age (where have we heard this expression before?).

Her turmoil continued at the cocktail party, where she sought guidance from Shanae of all people. Kate sought out Hayden to assess his mental state and finalize her choice for the upcoming rose ceremony.

She brought a tennis ball to their conversation in order to connect with Hayden and Rambo on a deeper level, which seemed to be the key to his heart.

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2. Dear Eliza

Eliza is now involved in a love triangle with Rodney and Justin. After striking up a friendship with Rodney when she arrived on Bachelor in Paradise, everything appeared stable until Justin returned specifically for her.

Instead of discouraging her from going on the date, Rodney advised her to follow her heart and do what she needed to do. On the date, she developed feelings for Justin.

Now, at the rose ceremony, she must choose which man she wishes to retain. The first time she spoke with Rodney, he revealed that he could envision a life with her outside of this and only wants her in the end.
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Next, she spoke with Justin, who brought one of her favorite foods, gummy bears, to the date in an effort to win her over. The conversation between the two culminated in a passionate kiss, as Rodney looked on in defeat.

Eliza broke down in front of the girls after speaking with both men. She has a difficult choice and is hesitant to make the wrong choice. Victoria gave great advice on determining with whom one could envision a future and a family and then following her heart.

Victoria later said in an interview that what she intended to say was to choose Rodney. She hoped it would be Rodney since that would be the correct response, but she would support her regardless of who she chose, cheerful face.

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Rose Ceremonies

After this ceremony, four guys were due to leave Bachelor in Paradise. First up was Genevieve, who chose Aaron as expected. Aaron confessed that he was in love with Genevieve, not falling in love with her, but this fact was lost in the flurry of the preceding events.

She shared his sentiments, and the two reached a new level in their relationship. Britney then presented Tyler with her rose, while Victoria presented Johnny with hers. Jessenia also presented Andrew with her rose.

Unsurprisingly, Danielle delivers her rose to Michael and declares her love for him. Serene presented her rose to Brandon, the couple with the highest likelihood of getting married at Paradise High.

The twins were reunited on the beach after Florence gave her to Justin and Shanae gave her rose to Joey. The next contestant was Kate, who stated she would rather be with a woman than give a rose to one of the twins.

Kate ran through the men in her mind, noticing that while Hayden has wealth, Logan possesses youth and a deeper affection.

She picks Logan in the end, stating that she knows something is there, but she needs more and asks him to provide it to her. Although he agreed, he was bewildered by the feeling, as he no longer felt the same way about Kate as she may feel about him.


Last but certainly not least was Eliza, who faced the most difficult decision. Before taking the podium, she began to cry, indicating the gravity of the situation. She summoned Rodney to the platform and remarked that she wished to congratulate him for his perseverance and patience this week.

Finally, she inquired whether he would accept her rose, which he did gracefully. Later, Eliza requested a private conversation with Justin, away from the audience. He told her that she should pursue her own happiness.

Jacob, Alex, Hayden, and Justin were instructed to return home. Perhaps this is Justin’s final appearance of the season. Eliza led Justin to his car, and he told her how exceptional she was and how much happiness she deserved. She kept apologizing, but Justin advised her not to berate herself.

Although she was sad to see Justin leave, the beach was relieved that she made the “correct” choice. However, Eliza returned with the hope of feeling better, but she may have actually felt worse. She may regret her decision for the rest of her life and constantly wonder “what if?”

Three is a Party


After the rose ceremony, the majority of couples felt secure in their relationships. Michael and Danielle would be going on a date with Wells, according to the following date card supplied by Jessenia. This should be good.

Wells kicked off the parents’ date by leading them on a horse ride through the city. As Michael sought quality time and discussion with Danielle, Wells offered them food, drink, clothes, and other items at every visit.

He joined them for drinks after their horseback ride and discussed his relationship and how he met his future bride.

Finally, he bid them farewell and allowed the couple to enjoy precious time together. They discussed how enjoyable the evening was and how he would like to return to Mexico with her in the future. This shows that he envisions a future for the couple after Bachelor in Paradise concludes.

5. Love and Regret


Back on the beach, the couples were socializing and having a good time. After enduring another rose ceremony on Bachelor in Paradise, Rodney felt revitalized and energized.

While he is having a good time with the other men and ladies on the beach, Eliza is sobbing in her bed. Andrew mentioned that this could cause a split in their relationship as she grapples with her recent major decision.

Eliza was still crying and questioning whether she had made the best decision for herself. If she had made the correct choice, she would not be so unhappy about sending Justin home. This was a difficult choice for her, as was evident during the ceremony. Again, this may be a choice that makes her wonder, “What if?”

She finally got ready while simultaneously packing her baggage. She walked down the beach to see Rodney weeping the entire time.

The two locate a cabana for discussion. The first words that came out of her mouth were “I can’t do this.” She began crying as Rodney watched anxiously. As she described what was going through her mind when she decided on the ceremony, he wiped away her tears.


6. Conversion of Heart

She continued to attempt to justify her sentiments and emotional state. In contrast, her emotional state persisted through last night and into this morning. At this moment, Rodney started to put the pieces together.

She felt it would be unfair to withhold her feelings from him. He asked her whether she believed she had made the wrong choice, and she replied that she believed she had and that she may have been influenced by how much love everyone else on the beach had for Rodney.

She stated that her affection for Justin has grown despite sending him home the night before. She stated that he may be a better fit for her requirements. He questioned why and then instructed her not to respond.


Eliza began apologizing to Rodney, who kept assuring her that everything was fine, but it wasn’t. He questioned if she was leaving to find him, but by merely observing her, he knew the answer.

In his concluding remark, Rodney stated that he wanted the best for her and wished her all the happiness in life. Both parties left in displeasure. Rodney returned to the Bachelor in Paradise crew and explained what transpired during their conversation. Everyone formed a group hug while attempting to console Rodney.

There were no dry eyes in the audience. He claimed that Eliza was his world and future, but he was forced to quit the program after his heart was broken. Everyone on the beach shed tears as a result. Everyone at the beach liked Rodney, but only Brandon fell in love with him.

7. The start of the end

After everyone had conversed with Rodney and seen him leave the beach, the ladies shifted their focus to Eliza. Knowing she had greater feelings for Justin, she was still ambivalent about what to do next.

Eliza confessed to the group that she believed Rodney was the best choice; however, after walking Justin to the car, she realized that he may have been the superior choice.

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She was given the opportunity to pursue a relationship with Rodney, but she was never given the same opportunity with Justin.

She packed her bags and left Bachelor in Paradise, returning home to refocus. She hoped to see Justin again in Baltimore, Maryland, where the crew traveled next. Eliza was beaming as she strolled down the street in search of Justin’s residence.

Eliza’s decision stunned the remainder of Bachelor in Paradise, as evidenced by the previous and subsequent episodes. Eliza’s conversation with Justin might not go as planned. Two new ladies arrive at the beach, putting some relationships to the test.

Then Gabby and Rachel head to the beach to hear about all that has transpired, knowing that there are Bachelor women and Bachelorette men present.


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