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After the Rapper Is Shot Three Times, Lil Esco 28’s Father Informs Fans that He Is Still Alive!

Despite what you may have read online, Lil Esco 28 is still alive, as confirmed by his father. Web Idol Reports indicate that on April 7th, Lil Esco 28, a 28-year-old rapper, was shot three times and taken to the hospital. The condition of the 15-year-old has stabilized, and he is no longer in immediate danger. The story was initially reported by the Hip Hop news analyst @Domislivenews, who wrote,

“Lil Esco 29 hospitalized in bad condition after getting shot three times.” Lil Esco’s buddies, including Rob The Play Boy, re-posted the Instagram to corroborate the news.
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Lil Esco, whose true name is Gavin and who was born in 2005, became an Internet sensation after a video of him went viral. The video clip went viral when he said the now-iconic line “Ight imma f**k witcha.” He even had a song called “Ight Imma F**k Witcha” come out in 2020.

Not Dead: Lil Esco 28!

After the Rapper Is Shot Three Times, Lil Esco 28's Father Informs Fans that He Is Still Alive!

Some of Lil Esco‘s admirers mourned the artist’s death after hearing the news that he had been shot. As pals posted dedicated Instagram photos and stories, the rumors spread even further.
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Rob the Play Boy posted a series of photos of him on Instagram with the remark, “Please be good bro please, I love you so much please bro.” But his father has already posted an update online, assuring supporters that Lil Esco is doing OK today.

He posted a video to Instagram stating, “Hey, he’s stable, just wanted everyone to know,” while at the hospital. Don’t stop praying for him. When the video cuts to Lil Esco in the hospital bed, he is awake and checking his phone. He values his many supporters and the prayers they offer.

Our hope is not misplaced; he is stable and we will prevail. There will be regular updates from us.

Lil Esco then posted a selfie to Snapchat from the comfort of his bed, complete with a broad grin. Supporters had been hoping for a quick recovery.


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