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Tasia from Vine Why Did She Go to Jail? Explained: TikTok Star’s Prison Time!

Do any Vine users remember Tasia? Did you know that she served time in jail very recently? And here’s why. There was a service like TikTok called Vine before TikTok even existed. Popular amongst internet users, the American social networking site followed a similar style and allowed users to submit short hilarious movies.
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Tasia Alexis Hussey was just one of the numerous well-known contributors to the site. Nonetheless, after Vine was shut down, she mysteriously vanished from social media, and no one had any idea where she was until today. Tasia has lately come clean about her time spent in prison, and she is a popular TikTok star. I mean, what did she do? Come on, then, let’s find out.

Who Is Tasia Alexis Hussey?

Tasia from Vine Why Did She Go to Jail? Explained: TikTok Star's Prison Time!

Tasia Alexis Hussey, or simply Tasia from Vine as she is most commonly known, is a viral video sensation who shot to fame on the platform Vine. Before Vine’s closure in 2016, she was one of its most popular creators, with over 3 million followers. To continue her success as a content provider, she shifted her audience to the photo-sharing platform Instagram.
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However, as she started spending less time on the site, followers started to wonder why. It was then that she dropped the bombshell that she was expecting, and then she vanished entirely. Now that she has over 1.3 million followers on TikTok, she has explained why she disappeared: she was incarcerated.

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Taisia Confesses to Tiktok that She Spent Time in Prison

In November, Tasia Shared a Major Life Event with Her Followers on Tik Tok by Disclosing that She Has Served Time in Prison. Tasia Shared a Video on November 11 in Which She Compared Her Mugshot from Prison to Pictures of Her Current Life.

In Response to The Numerous Inquiries Prompted by The Mugshot, on November 22 She Uploaded a Second Video Under the Heading “Prison Diaries,” in Which She Admitted to Having Served Time in Prison and Shared Some of Her Experiences.

On January 1st, She Uploaded a New Video in Which She Discussed the Hairstyle She Was Required to Adopt While Incarcerated. However, She Has yet To Clarify Why She Was Initially Placed in A Correctional Facility. Because of This, We Decided to Do Some Research.

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As In: Why Did Tasia Go to Jail?

Tasia from Vine Why Did She Go to Jail? Explained: TikTok Star's Prison Time!Tasia Was Arrested on February 9th, 2019 on Charges of “forgery and Possession of Methamphetamine,” as Recorded in The Newton County Jail Log. She Went to Prison for Eight Months When She Was Only 20 Years Old, as She Said in A Tik Tok Video.


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