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Holt’s Brainteaser from Brooklyn 99: ’12 People on An Island’ Riddle Explained!

The season 2 cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was confused by a classic logic challenge that has recently reappeared online. In episode 18 of season 2, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) poses his “12 people on an island” puzzle.

This one is more difficult than most because it requires both mathematics and logical reasoning skills. Exactly what is the meaning of the “12 people on an island” puzzle, and what is its solution?

Probability Question: “why Are There 12 People on An Island?”

Here Is a More Specific Retelling of The Riddle We Discovered,” Holt Explains in The Episode. This Phrasing Should Make Solving the Puzzle Less of A Headache. “12 People on An Island” Is the Answer.

Twelve men are present on an island. There are exactly 11 of the same weight, but one is a hair lighter or heavier. You need to determine which. There is a see-saw but no way off the island. The intriguing caveat? There is a three-use limit.

There Isn’t Just One Right Response; Rather, There Are a Variety of Avenues to Take to Arrive at The Solution.

Here’s a Possible Method for Determining Who on The Island Has a Weight Discrepancy…

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Word-For-Word Explanation of The Right Result

Holt's Brainteaser from Brooklyn 99: '12 People on An Island' Riddle Explained!

Count the Islanders from 1 to 12 Use the Seesaw to Compare the Values 1, 2, 3, and 4 to Those of 5, 6, 7, 8. Assuming They Are Equivalent, Then…
Compare the Numbers 9, 10, and 11 to The Ones and Twos. There Must Be a Difference Between the Eleven Others if The Twelve Are Identical.
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Twelve men are present on an island. One of them is either slightly heavier or slightly lighter, while the other 11 all have the same weight. You can use a seesaw to figure out who the outlier is, but you have three or fewer observations to do it.
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Determine if The 12th Islander Is the Heaviest or Lightest by Using the Third and Final Seesaw (i.E. 1 v 12)
If the Second Group’s Weight Was Unequal, Compare the Weights of The Ninth and Tenth People. the Solution Is Whichever Man’s Weight Is Greater After the Second Weigh, as You Already Know Which Man Is heavier. Assuming a tie between 9 and 10, we can conclude that the 11th islander is the heaviest.


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