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Racially Offensive Videos: Kenzie Ziegler’s Apology!

After old footage of Kenzie Ziegler appeared online, the influencer took over Instagram stories to issue an apology. Everything you need to know is right here! The Dance Moms star has taken to social media to apologize to her fans after inappropriate photos of her leaked online again. Everything you ever wanted to know about Kenzie Ziegler and the callous video that keeps popping up online, right here.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Who Is Kenzie Ziegler?

Racially Offensive Videos: Kenzie Ziegler's Apology!

Kenzie Ziegler, a dancer, singer, and social media influencer was born on June 4, 2004, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She and her dancer sister Maddie Ziegler initially came to public attention as contestants on the reality dance competition series “Dance Moms.”

Since then, she has pursued a flourishing online career, amassing 14 million Instagram followers and approximately 4 million YouTube subscribers while working with well-known brands like GOAT and Bubble.

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Racism Accusations Left for Kenzie Ziegler

Racially Offensive Videos: Kenzie Ziegler's Apology!

A lot of old videos of Kenzie have been making the rounds on the internet, and her fans aren’t happy about it. First a video of her and a buddy singing a song in which they used the n-word leaked, and now a video of her blackface is going viral. Many individuals have been insulted and triggered by Kenzie’s rude behavior against black people, and they have taken to Twitter to express their dismay.

On his Instagram story, Kenzie Ziegler issued an apology. After her disrespectful video went viral, Kenzie took over her followers’ Instagram stories to apologize. I apologize for any hurt my younger self’s choices may have caused. There is no justification for this, and I am working hard to improve myself so that this never happens again.

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The Influencer’s Twitter

Racially Offensive Videos: Kenzie Ziegler's Apology!

To sum up, Kenzie said, “I’m devoted to educating myself and thinking before acting, which is part of growing up.” Though she is only 16, the dancer’s apology doesn’t seem to have been accepted by her fans.

As one user put it on Twitter, “white people will make a black face and be like ‘I’m still learning and developing.
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‘ learning and growing what? the steps to taking a racist stance. Kenzie Ziegler, this is directed at you. and the influencer’s Twitter followers keep on clapping back at her.


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