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Disguised Toast Was ‘Cancelled’ for What Reason? Explained Drama from His Twitter Post!

Jeremy Wang, as Disguised Toast, finally addressed being “cancelled” on Twitter. Here’s how the online uproar went down, which he also touched on in his tweet. Disguised Toast has become increasingly well-liked among streamers over time.

As a result, he has amassed an enormous fan base, including over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 1.3 million Twitter followers. Many people like his sharp observations and “edgy” sense of humour. There are, however, a select handful who failed to see the humour. See? This is where the whole thing got dramatic.

We Need to Know the Real Reason that “cancelled” Disguised Toast Happened.

Disguised Toast Was 'Cancelled' for What Reason? Explained Drama from His Twitter Post!

A Twitter user by the name of Hope called out Disguised Toast and discussed his bad conduct in a thread posted on May 2. The Twitter user demonstrated their case with a few videos of the streamer and quotes from his previous utterances.
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The user stated that Toast had made some “borderline offensive” comments. That’s kinda messed up, but at the same time, it’s not,” the post stated. “He has mentioned that there is a grey area between being offensive and not offensive, and he loves to stay in the grey region.”

The poster says, “creating edgy comedy or dark humour jokes are not humorous unless you are the one making jokes and part of that community.” It is offensive when someone who is not a member of that group enters that area. The text continues by listing many justifications for the ‘cancellation’ of Toast. You can check out the whole discussion.

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Fake Bread Reacts to Getting “cancelled”

Disguised Toast Was 'Cancelled' for What Reason? Explained Drama from His Twitter Post!

He finally spoke up on Twitter after other individuals started receiving the “Disguised Toast cancelled” trend. Toast wrote, “Addressing my “difficult” background and being cancelled” in a discussion that went viral hours later. He admitted, “When it comes to my internet presence, I have always walked the line of “edgy” humour. My personality has changed over the past 5 years to become more caustic, direct, and satirical.

In regards to my public actions, there is nothing I have sought to erase or pretend I was unaware of. I accept complete responsibility for anything I’ve done or said.
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People on the internet adore criticising and back seating a streamer’s life, and I can say with confidence that I am someone who is incredibly open about my life in a place where many hide, not because they are awful people but because of the internet.

When Toast’s friends began to be singled out, he decided to speak up. He addressed the accusations made against him in his reply. Just leave my buddies alone,” he wrote as a final request. They’re great people who shouldn’t get hate mail because they’re friends with me. If you don’t like my content or want to work with me anymore, that’s fine; just don’t pressure them or make them apologise because of our shared interest in gaming.


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