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Answer to Riddle: “If I Had 4 Eggs a Thief Gives Me 3!”

If you’re looking for a different challenge, we have another intriguing puzzle for you. What therefore is the solution to the riddle “If I had 4 eggs, a thief gave me 3”? Many people have started to enjoy solving puzzles and riddles during the lockdown. However, it seems that they are still popular because many people are still looking for ones that haven’t been solved.

“If I Had 4 Eggs,” Riddle

Answer to Riddle: "If I Had 4 Eggs a Thief Gives Me 3!"

The Question Posed in The Riddle Is: How Many Eggs Do I Have if I Had Four, a Burglar Handed Me Three, and My Rooster Laid Five More? After Reading, Did You Already Know the Solution? if not, Continue Reading Since We Have This Riddle’s Solution Below.
Response: “if I Had 4 Eggs.”

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The Response Is 3. The First Line of The Riddle Reads, “if I Had 4 Eggs,” but This Is Simply a Hypothetical Situation Because You Didn’t Have Any Eggs, to Begin With. So, There Are No Eggs. Afterward, the Thief Gave You Three Eggs. Since the Rooster Couldn’t Have Produced Five More Eggs, There Are None at This Location. 0+3+0=3 Is the Final Calculation.


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