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Chief Keef Net Worth: How Does Chief Spend His Money?

Chief Keef is the stage name that American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Keith Farrelle Cozart is better known by. Cozart’s real name is Keith Farrelle Cozart. When he was still a teenager, in the early 2010s, his music first started gaining traction with the young people of Chicago’s South Side who were attending high school.

Kanye West, an American rapper, reworked his hit single “I Don’t Like” in 2012, and the new version quickly rose up the Billboard Rap chart to become one of the top 20 songs in that genre. This contributed to Cozart gaining even more notoriety in the music world.

Chief Keef Quick Info

Net Worth: $1 Million
Age: 27
Born: August 15, 1995
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper

Early Life

A Chicago hospital was the location of Keith Farrelle Cozart’s birth on August 15th, 1995. Keith was raised on the South Side of Chicago in a low-income apartment complex that is commonly referred to as an “O-Block.” His mother was only 16 years old when he was born. Soon after, Cozart became a member of the Black Disciples gang, which is a local organization that operates in that part of Chicago.

chief keef net worth

Keith had already written and recorded his own rap songs by the age of 5, using the karaoke machine that belonged to his grandmother and recording them on cassette tapes. At the age of 15, he decided to leave high school.

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After the release of mixtapes such as “The Glory Road” and “Bang” when he was 16 years old, Chief Keef first gained widespread recognition. After being placed under house arrest for a variety of legal issues, he began uploading songs to his YouTube account and began sharing them with the world.

One of these songs, “I Don’t Like,” went on to become a huge hit and was instrumental at the beginning of a new style of rap music known as “Drill.” As a result of Kanye West’s remix of the song, which also featured Jadakiss, Big Sean, and Pusha T, Chief Keef gained even more notoriety. After this, Chief Keef became a very popular artist, and a lot of record labels tried their best to sign him to their respective labels.

He made the decision to enter into a lucrative contract with Interscope Records, and shortly thereafter, his debut studio album, titled “Finally Rich,” was released. In 2012, he had a lot of success with his song “Love Sosa.”

He collaborated with Kanye West on the song “Hold My Liquor,” which was released in 2013, and he also released two mixtapes that year. The vast majority of reviewers did not approve of them, but “Almighty So” did have a few hits, such as “Nice.”

Top Songs of Chief Keef

Here are some of the best highlights of Chief Keef’s career:

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  • Love Sosa (Song, 2012)
  • Hate Bein’ Sober (Song, 2013)
  • Macaroni Time (Song, 2013)
  • Faneto (Song, 2015)
  • Earned It (Song, 2015)
  • BANG BANG (Song, 2020)

Chief Keef’s Net Worth

According to CelebrityNetworth The American rapper known as Chief Keef reportedly has a net worth of $1 million dollars. There is no denying the impact that Chief Keef has had on the world of hip-hop. There are a lot of people who believe that he was the first person to do “mumble rap” and “drill,” which are both subgenres of rap music.

chief keef net worth

Over the course of his career, Keef, who is also known as “Sosa” after a character in the film “Scarface,” has run into a great deal of difficulty in both dealing with the law and managing his finances. Keef signed a deal that is unattainable for the majority of rappers who are twice his age. He agreed to release three albums in exchange for an advance of approximately $440,000. It was reported that the total value of the transaction was $6 million.

How Does Chief Keef Spend His Money?

Now that Chief Keef is “finally rich,” it is time to investigate the ways in which he uses his financial success. Keef is a real spendthrift, and he takes great pains to maintain an extravagant way of life for himself.

Chief Keef’s Private Jet

Chief Keef enjoys going places in a ritzy manner. When he goes on trips, he dresses to the nines and travels in a Louis Vuitton private jet. There is a wide range of price points for private jets, from $5 million to $150 million.

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Chief Keef’s Homes

Chief Keef can take great pride in being a homeowner on Star Island. It is estimated that the mansion will cost between $10.5 million and $35 million to build. Additionally, he has purchased a home for his mother and grandmother to live in together.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Chief Keef Make a Show?

After much deliberation, Keef decided to ink a deal with Interscope Records. The record label agreed to pay the rapper $6 million over the course of three albums and gave him an advance of $440,000. In addition to this, Chief Keef was raking in a consistent income that ranged anywhere from $40,000 to $85,000 for a show.

Who is Chief Keef Signed to 2022?

Chief Keef’s announcement of the founding of 43B, also known as Forget Everybody, and its first signee, Lil Gnar, was made public on June 6, 2022. The announcement was made possible thanks to a collaboration between RBC Records and BMG Rights Management.

How Old is Chief Keef?

The 15th of August, 1995 marks Chief Keef’s birthday; he is currently 27 years old.


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