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Zach Bia and Olivia Rodrigo’s Broken Up? The Cause of Their Split and The Entire Dating History!

Their romance eventually died out. They were seeing one other on the side, but hadn’t seen each other in a while,” the source said. There were no problems because “they had different job schedules and different friend groups.” A report of their breakup initially appeared in Life & Style. To her credit! According to Us Weekly’s insider, Olivia Rodrigo is in a relationship with Zack Bia.

A source claims that 19-year-old Rodrigo and 26-year-old Bia have been “seen making out two weeks ago” and are informally dating. When they were first sighted together at a Super Bowl party in February, speculation immediately began. After their initial encounter, the two supposedly began spending time together casually while keeping their relationship under wraps.

Olivia and Zack Broke Up

Zach Bia and Olivia Rodrigo's Broken Up?

It has been reported that Olivia and Zack broke up on August 20, 2022. It’s rough for Olivia and Zack to be out here. An unnamed source told Life & Style that the extremely private pop artist and DJ broke up after only a few months of dating. “They were together for a while, but their relationship eventually petered out.” They were dating on the side, but hadn’t seen each other in a while, the source said. There were no problems because “they had different job schedules and different friend groups.”

Time will tell if Olivia’s breakup will influence her creative process in the studio. A continuation of “Driver’s License,” anyone? On June 22, 2022, Zack finally puts an end to those rumors about him and a certain someone. Zack shot down rumors that he and the reporter were an item a day after they were linked. Zack is seen being followed by photographers while strolling down the street in a video originally released by the Twitter account @ViralMaterials and afterward reposted on Pop Crave.

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Olivia nor Zack Has Commented on The Relationship

Zach Bia and Olivia Rodrigo's Broken Up?

One photographer approached Zack and asked, “Hey Zack, what’s up with the rumors that you’re going together with Olivia Rodrigo?” “I don’t know, I didn’t even hear that,” Zack said. About 15 seconds in, someone asks Zack if he meant they’re “more than friends,” and it’s unclear what his response was. Hmmmmm. On this day in 2022, June 21st, Olivia and Zack “Really Like” each other. It looks like things are heating up! Nearly five months after their first public appearance together, Olivia and Zack are said to be “dating since the Super Bowl” and “truly like each other” by a new source, according to People.

Again, neither Olivia nor Zack has commented on the relationship, nor have their respective teams. Olivia and Zack were Spotted in New York City on April 25, 2022. In April, Olivia and Zack visited New York City and dined at the trendy Bar Pitti. Photos provided by E! News show that after leaving the restaurant, Zack walked alongside Olivia while the latter tried to avoid the prying eyes of the media. The “driver’s license” singer and the DJ were spotted exiting the exclusive Lower Manhattan bar Zero Bond a few days later, with the singer donning a stylish vintage dress.

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In February 2022 Back Together?

Zach Bia and Olivia Rodrigo's Broken Up?

As of February 2022, dating rumors begin to circulate. After breaking up with Adam Faze in January, Olivia was seen with Zack around Super Bowl time (which took place on February 13). A source close to Zack told E! News that they have been “seeing each other” more frequently in the months following. “He invited her to Super Bowl parties that he was DJing that weekend, and she attended to support him,” they continued.

They instantly connected and have been spending time together in a low-key manner. And “Zack [feels] that Olivia is so down to earth and he loves how low-key she is,” so the story goes, explaining why the two are so close. The source claims that “there is a healthy equilibrium between them.”

Though Rodrigo hasn’t revealed his source of inspiration for the song, Bassett (23) and Carpenter (23) have both recently released tracks that share similarities. Bia had an on-and-off relationship with Madison Beer for about a year before they broke up in March of this year. Additionally, he was said to be dating Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline earlier this year, but he denied any seriousness in the relationship.

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