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Did Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Breakup? Reynolds and Aja Volkman of Imagine Dragons Have a Fresh Breakup!

Marriage is over for Dan Reynolds and his wife Aja Volkman. The lead singer of Imagine Dragons made the announcement on Twitter on Friday that he and his girlfriend of a year, with whom he had been publicly trying to rebuild their relationship after they split up in 2018, had once again broken up.

Unfortunately, Aja and I have decided to separate after spending many wonderful years together,” Reynolds, 35, wrote. We put nothing above becoming excellent parents to our children. Then he said, “Thank you for always supporting us with love and caring all these years.”

When Did They Announce Their First Break-Up?

Did Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Breakup?

Arrow Eve, 10, twins Gia James and Coco Rae, 5, and Valentine, 2. are the children of Reynolds and Volkman, both 42. After what they called “seven glorious years together,” the musician and frontwoman of the band Nico Vega announced their first split in April 2018. Reynolds tweeted during their initial breakup, “Our children continue to be the most important thing in our lives & we will continue to co-parent them with all of our love.” Please give us space to talk things over as a family and respect our privacy during this difficult time.

It should be noted that “Reynolds says, “It felt like the first date again when we abandoned the lawyers and went to lunch” and the next video still has Volkman. We agreed to put the divorce on hold.” Reynolds continues, “Then this guy came around,” with his son Valentine also visible in the frame. Their family now includes triplets Gia James, Coco Rae, and Arrow Eve. At the end of the video, Reynolds says, “I composed this song after I got that text,” referring to the song “Follow You,” which will be released soon by his band.

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Their Relationship After the Breakup?

Did Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Breakup?

The question was posed, “Have you ever received an SMS that altered your life?” Reynolds captioned the video with the words “#followyou” and “#imaginedragons.” Before announcing their reconciliation in January 2019, Reynolds and Volkman had previously declared their split in April 2018. They had planned to announce their fourth pregnancy just two months prior to receiving this news. The musician revealed to PEOPLE in June 2019 that he and his longtime partner had been in counseling together in an effort to improve their relationship.

“We’ve been going through marriage counseling and putting in a lot of work to keep our family strong,” he stated at the time. “We managed to get through it, thankfully. There are many examples of people who didn’t have that luck but managed to stay friends or have wonderful children as a couple anyhow. Complexity abounds in interpersonal connections.” The Grammy-winner continued, saying, “No relationship is perfect; sometimes it doesn’t work out and that’s good; sometimes people separate for a little while and they end up deciding to get back together and that’s okay.”

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Their Engagement

Did Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman Breakup?

The boy Valentine was born to a happy couple in October of 2019. Reynolds proposed again to Volkman two months later, and she discussed their tumultuous relationship in an honest Instagram post. Along with a photo of herself in a diamond engagement ring taken in December 2019, Volkman stated, “I’ve never caused so much hurt or been so hurt by another human being in my life.” “It was a while before we could see each other clearly.”

Then she went on, “After a series of highs and lows, we clung to one another for support. We smothered each other in the process. We were not familiar enough with our own identities to be able to rely on them for sustained strength. As a result, the whole thing started to fall apart.” Seven months of “serious soul searching,” according to Volkman, led to the couple’s “decision to stay together” and “start over.”

“The words were unnecessary. The two of us were granted a second chance, “Rather than keep it all to herself, she gave a little. “Before he could even say a word, he was down on one knee, and I was already crying. Tears with the weight of almost a decade of development.”

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