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Shailene Woodley Breakup? Why Did Shailene and Aaron Rodgers Broken up Again?

The on-again, off-again couple, Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers, has broken up again. Just over a year after making their relationship public, the Divergent actress (age 30) and the NFL quarterback (age 38) called off their engagement, according to sources who spoke to PEOPLE in February. Since then, they’ve been frequently seen together, including a “very amorous” March sighting at a California winery. Again, a source has confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple has split up.

According to the insider, “Shailene thought everything was on Aaron’s terms and it wasn’t making her happy.” In response to PEOPLE’s request for comment, celebrity representatives have been silent thus far. They had been engaged for a year when in February, Rodgers and Woodley called it off. A source at the time told ET that despite their breakup, the two were still friends and intended to stay that way.

Why They Got a Breakup?

Shailene Woodley Breakup?

It was difficult for them to spend time together due to their hectic schedules and the fact that they worked in separate fields, the person added. “There is no bad blood between them, and they intend to remain friends.” And that’s exactly what they did, as evidenced by multiple sightings of the couple doing anything from grocery shopping in the Los Angeles region to attending the March wedding of Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers teammate David Bakhtiari.

A guest at the wedding told ET that she saw the couple engaging in some PDA, with Woodley going so far as to “lovingly pat” Rodgers on the back of the head. During the cocktail hour, Rodgers and Woodley, who was believed to be wearing a long, glittery dress, “lovingly patted his behind as she was seated,” one eyewitness told ET. As they made their way to the ballroom for the reception, the couple walked arm in arm. A separate source told ET that after the breakup, Rodgers was attempting to make Woodley a “priority.” This suggested that the couple was making efforts to reconcile.

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Their Relationship

Shailene Woodley Breakup?

“Shailene and Aaron broke up after they spent a lot of time apart and couldn’t make it work,” the person said. “Aaron has promised Shailene that he will make the relationship and her a priority in his life. They’ve been spending more time together recently, so who knows what the future may contain.” The two began dating in 2020 but kept their romance low-key until February 2021, when Rodgers revealed that he had proposed to Woodley.

Shailene Woodley Breakup?

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The “Divergent” actress apparently decided she was “done” with the relationship after it experienced its share of ups and downs. “Shailene tried to give it another chance and was spending time with Aaron,” a source told E! News earlier this week. However, she soon realized that everything was on his terms and would not be changing. In the words of our informant, “there was no need to continue, and she’s done with it again.”

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