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Who Qualifies for a Basic Income, and How Do They Start Receiving $500 Every Month?

The city council of St. Louis, Missouri, approved a scheme to distribute $500 in monthly relief checks to its residents as part of the guaranteed basic income plan.

St. Louis, Missouri, Board of Aldermen planned to distribute these funds to hundreds of low-income families in time for the holidays. The next stage is to gain Mayor Tishaura’s support for the programme so that it may be put into action.

After it’s passed, the city will provide $500 checks to roughly 440 low-income families over the course of 18 months, using money from a $5 million pandemic recovery fund.

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The city intended for this programme to assist public school parents who had financial hardships as a result of the worldwide pandemic.

Megan Green, president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, told Fox: “By our actions today, we aim to show the St. Louis community that we care about its families and its children. The living conditions of no child should be allowed to interfere with his or her education.”

Who Gets to Get These Universal Basic Income Checks?

Each family that receives this money will have the option to put it toward whatever they see fit. The goal is to help families get out from under their debt and rent so they can put more money toward their children’s essential food and shopping needs.
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Payments would be made to low-income parents or guardians of students enrolled in public schools in urban areas if this programme receives complete approval.

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St. Louis has a significant opportunity to alleviate racial and gender inequalities and improve the lives of working parents and their children by seizing this moment.

Multiple programmes in the states of California, Massachusetts, and Illinois, among others, also give monthly payments. These grants provide aid to low-income households in the range of $300 to $500.

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However, there is a guaranteed income programme in San Francisco, which will provide $1,200 monthly payments. The application deadline was on December 15th, therefore that window has closed.


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