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When Sea Turtles Are Unable to Make the Annual Migration to Warmer Seas, a New Jersey Group Steps in to Save Them.

Just recently, four sea turtles were discovered cold-stunned on the Jersey Shore, having failed to make the migration south. After being rescued, the turtles are transferred to a rehabilitative center in West Orange for medical attention.

One of the turtles, identified only as “No.
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5,” is doing well. A juvenile turtle with a respiratory infection will be given an antibiotic after his heart rate has increased.

A number of people with similar low body temperatures were discovered, including No. 5.
The average temperature at which these males were found was between 46 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Sea Turtle Recovery’s Bill Deer.
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In the facility’s modest pools, adds Deer, the healing process can begin.

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The shallow water makes it simpler for them to come up for air, he explains.

A single turtle with a body temperature of 47 degrees was discovered on a beach in New Jersey. According to Deer, this is barely hanging on because turtles have a normal core temperature of 70 degrees. When fully recovered, this turtle will go on to one of Sea Turtle Recovery’s larger tanks.

During this time of year, sea turtles who were unable to make the long journey to warmer seas can become stranded in large numbers along the coasts of New Jersey and the rest of New England.

When the weather suddenly turns cold and windy, like it did this past weekend in New Jersey, it can stun the animals and force them onto the beach.

Sea Turtle Recovery is an organization dedicated to the rescue, care, and release of sea turtles. Since they began this initiative in 2016, 90 turtles will be released during the upcoming event.

When encountering one of these turtles, what should beachgoers do?

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You shouldn’t put your hands on it. You shouldn’t heat it up, Deer warns. Too rapid a temperature increase can cause shock, and the animals may die in our care.

According to Deer, the turtles’ core temperatures can only rise by a couple of degrees per day. Those who come across a turtle are encouraged to contact Sea Turtle Recovery at their local police station.


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