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Is Cameron Diaz Pregnant? What Is the News on Cameron Diaz’s Pregnancy?

As did many people in my virtual infertility community. Someone on Facebook said, “Not that it matters, but she doesn’t state if it was natural, through egg donation, surrogacy, or adoption.” The infertile community is divided on the topic. There are many who believe we should all keep our mouths shut and celebrate the motherhood of any woman, regardless of her circumstances.

Then there are some who are interested in the finer points, in this case, the genetic information behind this success. We aren’t prying out of curiosity or to spread rumors. Is it possible to conceive a child with one’s own eggs in one’s late forties? To have faith is all we ask for. The insider adds the 49-year-old Charlie’s Angels star and the 43-year-old Good Charlotte guitarist “have talked about having another child and have even been looking into surrogate options for a while.” “After the birth of their daughter, Cameron didn’t need to be convinced of Benji’s desire for a large family.”

She Is Pregnant?

is cameron diaz pregnant


After tying the married in 2015, they decided to use a surrogate to have their first child, Radix, in December 2019. About a month later, an insider informed Us that the couple had been trying to have a baby for years. In January 2020, the source revealed, “They went through so much to get to this point.” To Cameron, “this baby is a miracle.” According to the initial source, the couple would be thrilled to give Raddix a younger sibling if they decide to expand their family.

The insider tells Us that while “they would adore a boy,” all they really want is a healthy kid. They were quite skeptical about pursuing surrogacy with their daughter. It was the smartest move they’d ever made. The author of The Body Book recently revealed that raising a family is the “most rewarding part” of her life. During her interview on SiriusXM‘s Quarantined With Bruce in February 2021, she said, “I waited for this… so I didn’t have any distractions.” I mean, I just can’t picture myself working right now.

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The California Native Stepped Away?

is cameron diaz pregnant

I couldn’t imagine being away from my daughter for 14 or 16 hours a day to work on a movie set. The California native stepped away from the acting industry in 2014, but she has just signed on for her first new project in almost a decade. Diaz will co-star with Jamie Foxx in the upcoming Netflix thriller Back in Action, which will premiere later this year. The Sweetest Thing actress recently discussed her decision to step away from the spotlight during the peak of her career. She briefly held the record for a most paid actress over the age of 40.

“When you’re doing something that you know, and that you’ve done well, and that you know how it works, and that it’s absorbed your whole life for so long, it’s sort of a great thing to kind of go, ‘You know what? Let me take a step back and look at the big picture; how can I improve and become more involved in the things that will make me feel more complete? What Diaz had to say on CBS Mornings on Monday, July 11th. And I actually did it!

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