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Is Keke Palmer Pregnant? As She “Officially Joined the Summer Mom Club,” Keke Palmer Posted a Picture of Her Fictitious Baby Belly!

Warning, warning. Keke Palmer is currently in some sort of trouble. On April 1st, 2018, the 28-year-old actor and media personality came under fire from her fans and following after making an improper pregnancy joke. It all started when Palmer posted a mirror image of herself holding her back and putting her stomach out. To which she said, “I’ve officially joined the summer MOM club.”

There was initial confusion among fans, followers, and media sources. Palmer later clarified in a post that “I don’t lie..” and that she was joking. On the other hand, I do make jokes. Haha, I know most of you wouldn’t believe me, but I still want to wish you a happy April 1st. “I and the baby both gon’ be stupid as hell together hahaha,” she continued.

Pregnancy Is a Joke?

Is Keke Palmer Pregnant?

Palmer meant for her posts to be humorous, but her followers didn’t find them to be. There were hundreds who called her out in the comments for making light of her pregnancy joke. Considering the hundreds of women each year who have miscarriages or are unable to conceive, one person has observed, “Jokes about pregnancy are not amusing.” Someone else chimed up, “This ain’t it sis.”

Another said, “This April Fools’ ‘joke’ is so tired and insensitive. As time went on, Palmer removed all of her tweets. When TODAY attempted to contact Palmer’s representative, they declined to comment. Her April 1st joke was in response to criticism of similar stunts by celebrities like Tori Spelling and Justin Bieber. Spelling, who already has five children with Dean McDermott, posed for an Instagram photo in 2021 pretending to be pregnant with baby No. 6.

Fans of Spelling were extremely harsh in their condemnation of her tweet. One individual said, “This is nothing to make light of!” The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star explained that she decided to play along with the joke since “every week, magazine and press outlets ask whether I am pregnant.” “To clear the air, I am not,” she clarified in a second Instagram post. After my fifth child, my body just didn’t seem to recover the way it used to. Since then, there have been nonstop inquiries about “yet another” pregnancy.

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Is Miscarriage in Her Pregnancy?

Is Keke Palmer Pregnant?

It’s hard to appreciate what it’s like to be publicly body-shamed until you’re in the public glare, she said. When I should be celebrating the gift of life my body has given me five times over, I find myself continually defending it. To clarify, Spelling said she does not view miscarriages as something to be taken lightly. Pregnancy is a miracle, I know that. Nor would I ever make light of miscarriage or infant death. “I had a miscarriage myself,” she confessed.

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Is Keke Palmer Pregnant?

“My job was to flip the script on the media for a change.” Desiree Fortin, who a few years back announced a false pregnancy as an April Fools’ Day hoax, shared her thoughts on the subject in an essay for TODAY Parents. Infertility made me hypersensitive to many events, including baby showers, Mother’s Day, and pregnancy announcements. Keke Palmer also mentioned that “one in eight” women have trouble conceiving.

I have no doubt that you are acquainted with someone. Think about the one person you know who might not appreciate a pregnant joke before you play one on them. Consider how they would react to that. Don’t forget the mother who lost a pregnancy or whose child has passed on to heaven.

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