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What Is the Memorial Thing on Jungkook’s 25th Birthday and How Can Fans Celebrate His Special Day?

The ARMYs spared no expense in honouring BTS’ Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook on his birthday. The K-pop supergroup, nominated for a Grammy, has established itself with a string of successful singles. And the boy band’s adoring fans can’t get enough of them.

However, ever since his debut with the septet as a mere 15-year-old, Jungkook has been showered with more attention than any of his other members. While still in school, Jungkook joined BTS’s management company, BigHit Music, as a trainee. As people got to know him, they couldn’t help but be moved by his genuine sweetness and natural musical ability.

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Jungkook Celebrates His 25th Birthday

What Is the Memorial Thing on Jungkook's 25th Birthday and How Can Fans Celebrate His Special Day?

On the morning of September 1st, as Jungkook turned 25, his many admirers came to Twitter to send him birthday wishes. The number of tweets using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayJungkook—in which fans shared anything from videos of his singing to discussions of his endearing antics at live concerts—was high enough to make it a trend.

The musician and songwriter Charlie Puth has collaborated with Jeon Jungkook on a new single. A video for the song “Left and Right” has been viewed over 190 million times on YouTube, making it a chart-topper. With hit singles like “Euphoria” and “Still With You,” BTS’s Golden Maknae has come a long way from his days as a timid Busan high schooler.

Look at how handsome he is! Just leave it to Jungkook to wear his pyjamas and still break the internet with his stunning images. He bought that odd pair of pyjamas at Armani, in case you were wondering. That’s just right! Jungkook celebrated his birthday LIVE by donning an Emporio Armani premium viscose all-over print pyjama set. It is important to know that his suit is not cheap before you click the “add to cart” button. To put it another way, you may expect to pay a hefty price of Rs 7,800 for them.


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