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Tripp Morris: Why is Augusta Man Tripp Morris in Prison and Who is He?

After sharing her experience with Humans of New York this week, real estate agent, author, and motivational speaker Venus Morris became the internet’s talk of the town.

A New York-based photoblog where individuals share their tales is the 11.7 million-follower Instagram page that Brandon Stanton founded.

Venus, who hails from Augusta, Georgia, is the most recent lady to be highlighted on the page where she described her startling marriage to her ex-husband Tripp, who wasn’t the man she thought he was.

Tripp Morris: a who? Why is he imprisoned, then? Now let’s explore her Humans of New York tale.

Tripp Morris: The Tripp Morris Who?

Venus Morris, a successful realtor in Georgia, is divorced from Tripp Morris.

Although he is from Augusta, Georgia, he is not well-known. There is nothing online about Tripp, a regular guy who worked for his parents.

The two fell in love while attending the University of South Carolina, and they married 20 years later while continuing to reside in Augusta.

Tripp Morris (1)

Although we don’t have any pictures of him, Venus calls him “the most attractive man I’d ever laid eyes on,” “all-American,” with “blue eyes,” a “cute dimple,” and “in terrific condition.”

They went on to have what seemed to be the most ideal relationship; their first date was at a golf tournament in Hilton Head.

He was the kind of father who led Bible studies, coached the school football teams, and hosted fundraisers. They had six kids together.

He wasn’t, however, the man that everyone had assumed he was.


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Tripp Morris: Why Tripp is Out of Jail

The Tripp, according to Venus, is currently incarcerated in Georgia for 45 years.

According to The Sun, he is incarcerated in Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville, Georgia, after being found guilty of two counts of aggravated child molestation.

Venus described how her spouse would occasionally lose her temper and go through mood swings in her Humans of New York narrative, but she had no idea what he had actually done.

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She found out about her husband’s crime when a prostitute called and informed her that he had been defrauding sex workers for years.

One of their daughters came to her and told them that her father had also mistreated her after Tripp confessed to this and checked himself into a recovery clinic.


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Tripp Morris: Reactions to Venus’ Story on Twitter

The story of Venus has greatly touched the hearts of social media users who admire her courage.


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