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BTS Members: What Is BTS, How Many People Are In BTS, And Where Does BTS Members First Meet?

SOUTH KOREA, August 28 (Independent News and Analysis): Yonhap reported that the music video for BTS’s 2021 megahit track “Butter,” which has fans including Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt, has topped 800 million views on YouTube, making it the ninth video from the K-pop group to reach the milestone.

Big Hit Music, the group’s record label, said that the video had surpassed 800 million views about 15 months after it was first posted online on May 21 of last year. After its initial release, the lively summer tune was a worldwide smash hit, remaining on Billboard’s Hot 100 main singles chart for 10 weeks.

Who Is BTS?

BTS Members

South Korean boy band BTS (Korean: RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan), popularly known as the Bangtan Boys, was founded in 2010 and made its debut the following year under Big Hit Entertainment. Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook make up the septet and collaborate on songwriting and production.

They started out as a hip-hop group, but they’ve branched out into other genres as time has gone on. Many of their songs have dealt with topics such as mental illness, adolescent issues, the process of growing up, the death of a loved one, or the search for one’s own sense of identity and self-love. Their works typically have a parallel universe narrative and make allusions to literature, philosophy, and psychology.

Following the release of their debut mini-album, 2 Cool 4 Skool, in 2013, BTS released their first full-length studio albums in Korean and Japanese in 2014. Wings (2016), the band’s second Korean studio album, became the first Korean album to sell one million copies in South Korea. In 2017, BTS pioneered the Korean pop invasion in the United States, setting multiple sales records in the process.
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Members of BTS

Tae-Hyung Kim (V):

BTS Members

Singer and songwriter Kim Tae-Hyung (Korean: born December 30, 1995), better known by his stage name V. A member of the South Korean boy band BTS, V recorded three solo tracks under the band’s name: “Stigma” in 2016.


BTS Members

South Korean singer and songwriter Jeon Jung-kook (Korean: born September 1, 1997) is better known simply as Jungkook. Vocalist and youngest member of South Korean boy band BTS. All three of Jungkook and BTS’s solo efforts—”Begin” in 2016, “Euphoria” in 2018, and “My Time” in 2020—made it onto the Gaon Digital Chart in South Korea.

Nam-Joon Kim (RM)

BTS Members

South Korean rapper, singer, and record producer Kim Nam-Joon (Hangul: born September 12, 1994) is better known by his stage name, RM (previously Rap Monster). He is the frontman for the BTS boy band out of South Korea.

The year 2015 saw the release of RM’s debut self-titled mixtape. His second mixtape, titled Mono, was published in 2018, and it quickly became the highest-charting album by a Korean soloist in the history of the US Billboard 200.

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BTS MembersSouth Korean Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, and Record Producer Jung Ho-Seok (Korean: Born February 18, 1994) Is Better Known by His Stage Name J-Hope (stylized as J-Hope). in 2013, He Made His Debut with Big Hit Entertainment,

as A Member of The South Korean Boy Band Bts. on February 18, 1994, J-Hope Entered the World as Jung Ho-Seok (Korean: ) in Gwangju, South Korea, the Home He Shared with His Parents and Older Sister, Jung Ji-Woo.


BTS Members

Park South Korean Singer and Dancer Ji-Min (Korean: Born October 13, 1995) Goes by The Stage Name Jimin. in 2013, He Made His Debut with The Big Hit Entertainment-Signed South Korean Boy Band Bts. as A Member of Bts, Jimin Has Released Three Solo Singles: Jimin Made His Bts Debut on June 13, 2013, and Currently Serves as The Group’s Lead Vocalist and Dancer. During the Tenure of BTS


BTS Members

South Korean Rapper, Composer, and Record Producer Suga Min Yoon-Gi (Korean: Born March 9, 1993), Also Known Professionally as Suga (stylized in All Caps) and Agust D,[a]. He Is Managed by Big Hit Music and Made His Debut in 2013 with The South Korean Boy Band Bts.

2016 Saw the Release of His Debut Solo Mixtape, Agust D. in 2018. Suga Says that “ragga Muffin” by Stony Skunk Piqued His Interest in Rap Because It Was Unlike Anything He Had Heard Before. Hearing Epik High Inspired Him to Pursue a Career in Rap.

How to Meet BTS Members to Each Other

BTS Members

What ages do the members of BTS have, in case you were wondering? Come with us as we break it down for you. The members of BTS are presented in the order of their ages. According to our earlier explanation, Jungkook is the Maknae since he is the group’s youngest member, whereas Jin is the Maknae because he is the eldest. Jin is five years younger than Jungkook.

Fans have dubbed Jungkook “Golden Maknae” for his all-around brilliance as a member of BTS, but he has stated in an upcoming installment of the BTS documentary Break the Silence that he doesn’t feel the same way. That people have this impression of me is something I can only envy. People refer to me as the Golden Maknae, but I don’t feel that way inside; therefore, I have to work harder to appear that way. When he first debuted, Jungkook commented, “I guess finally I’m working really hard.
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Who Is a New Family in His Bts Bandmates?

BTS Members

Although Jungkook, as the group’s youngest member, struggled at first to adjust to life away from his loved ones, he eventually found a new family in his BTS bandmates. He had mentioned something to the effect of, “I moved to Seoul at a very young age and didn’t really have any best buddies.” The members have been by my side the longest and are the ones I am closest to. They seem to evoke feelings in me that are difficult to put into words. It’s as if we’re always hanging out together, and they taught me the true meaning of friendship.

Family. Despite not being related, they treat one another like family. At times I feel especially close to them. Flowing like water, I believe we are all doing a fine job of keeping everything in check. When did BTS members have their birthdays, and how old are they now? We’ve given the BTS members’ birthdates and ages as of August 2020 to give you a better idea of the age gap between them.


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