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Teen Mom Leah Messer’s Boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, Has Been Accused of “Making An Exposed Fan Page!

Jaylan Mobley, the boyfriend of TEEN Mom Leah Messer, has been accused of “creating his own fan page and leveraging the reality star for fame.”

Teen Mom fans have uncovered a fan page that has been made for Jaylan on Instagram. The profile featured a picture of Leah’s boyfriend. Jaylan is depicted in the photograph with his glasses on and a black bow tie around his neck.

What Is Going on In their relationship?

Leah Messer's boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, has been accused of "making an exposed fan page."

Jaylan Mobley‘s fan page, with the subtitle, “The Official Fan Page for The Man Himself.” The fan page has yet to publish a single message. In 2021, while working on an ESPN project, the Teen Mom 2 star and the US Army cyber officer met. It appears like Leah, 30, and Jaylan, 25, are becoming more serious after they acknowledged their relationship. After dating for around six months, some fans complained that the couple was “going too fast” in their relationship.

In April, Lean shared the news on social media that she and her family had relocated to a big West Virginia mansion. According to the Charleston Sun, the couple’s new Charleston property is officially registered in Jaylan’s name only. The MTV celebrity is a mother to twin children Ali and Aleeah, all 12, with her ex Corey Simms, and 9-year-old daughter Addie with Jeremy Calvert.

Interactive Response.

Leah Messer's boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, has been accused of "making an exposed fan page."

According to an online discussion, Jaylan supposedly started a fan page on Facebook because his friendship with the TV personality has made him feel like he’s reaching for stardom. “You know he made that for himself,” stated one admirer. According to another, “I’m confident he made this himself. I think of him as his own biggest cheerleader.” To paraphrase another, it appears that Leah hasn’t met anyone who is looking to take advantage of her fame on MTV. Being “famous” has become second nature to him.

“The more I see of him (on television and social media), the less I like him,” wrote a fourth individual. He comes across as a conceited clout seeker who is obnoxious in his self-importance. While on the broadcast for just three minutes, he has already created a fan page (most likely built by himself). a pundit said, “He’s piggybacking on Leah‘s TV celebrity and attempting to make something for himself.” ‘ ‘i Feel It’

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She Is Pregnant with Jaylan’s Child.

Leah Messer's boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, has been accused of "making an exposed fan page."

MTV mom Leah’s admirers also assume that she is pregnant with Jaylan’s child. For Leah’s 30th birthday, fans pointed to a recent video interview she posted on YouTube. Leah groaned and touched her stomach after Jaylan inquired about her feelings on turning 30.

She rubbed her stomach again and whispered, “I can feel it. I know it. Intuition tells me it’s true.” The way she stroked her stomach when he declared this is going to be the best year yet was quickly spotted by observant admirers. A further commenter said: “I feel it with my palm on my stomach…”


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