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‘American Idol’ 2022: Who Won? Season 20 Fans Are Divided on The Champion!

There is a winner for American Idol 2022. Noah Thompson, HunterGirl, and Leah Marlene competed for the top slot in the three-hour finals, putting on jaw-dropping performances.

Katy Perry, Flo Rida, Michael Bublé, Luke Bryan, Earth, Wind & Fire, and many more performed alongside the finalists in the finale.

Noah, HunterGirl, and Leah’s fates, on the other hand, were in the hands of the Idol viewers, and only one could be proclaimed the winner. So, who took home the title of American Idol in 2022? Everything you need to know may be found in the current issue of Newsweek.

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American Idol: Who Won?

Noah Thompson was chosen the champion of American Idol 2022 after more than two months of arduous tryouts, furious eliminations, and brilliant performances.

Leah Marlene came in third, leaving country musicians Thompson and HunterGirl as the top two contenders for the title.

american-idol-2022 winner

Thompson was declared the champion in the end. Thompson said, apparently astonished when his victory was announced: “My heart is pounding in my chest! This is insane!”

He finished the program by performing “One Day Tonight,” his winning track. Thompson, 20, was nominated for the competition by a coworker, Arthur, and it has been a long road for Thompson, who has no formal musical training and no ambitions to pursue music as a profession.

During the Top 5 live event, he was also struck by COVID and had to perform live from his hotel room, where he was isolated.

Following his victory, followers of the Kentucky-based musician took to Twitter to express their joy.
A second supporter tweeted: “One of the most inspirational tales ever told.

'American Idol'

Noah Thompson urged a buddy not to send in a video of himself singing to @AmericanIdol because he didn’t believe he had it in him… He goes on to win the entire dang thing months later. #KentuckyProud.”
A third Noah supporter wrote: “Not going to lie, Noah Thompson clinched the victory by singing Rihanna’s song once again. The best #IdolFinale in a long time!!”

However, several fans were disappointed that HunterGirl, a potential country superstar, did not win the competition.

One Twitter user wrote: “Huntergirl could not possibly have lost to Noah…I refuse to accept it! #AmericanIdol.
Fans of HunterGirl shouldn’t be too disappointed. Many past Idol candidates who did not win the top prize, such as Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson, have gone on to achieve great success and have lengthy careers.

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Other Idol viewers are disappointed that Leah Marlene did not win.

One admirer said on Twitter: “Nobody will notice, but @ Leah will. Tonight, Marlene should have won American Idol.

I grew up with her, and her vocal variety and musical range set her apart from hunter-girl in a big way. I had no idea it was country idol instead than American idol.”

winner of the american idol of noah thompson

The three contenders were given the assignment of performing a Bruce Springsteen song in the final. Marlene sang “Cover Me” by Bruce Springsteen, backed by an electric guitar, while HunterGirl performed “Dancing in the Dark.”

Thompson sang one of Springsteen’s greatest singles, “I’m on Fire.” “I believe you just swooped in and captured every heart in America…you are so modest,” judge Katy Perry said after his performance.

The Top 3 also performed a duet with other of the night’s celebrities. Marlene sang Katy Perry’s song “Firework” live on stage, accompanied by pop singer and Idol judge Perry.


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