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On The Hills, Audrina Patridge Claimed ‘Nothing Was Flowing Like As It Used To!

Audrina Patridge is still haunted by the termination of The Hills: New Beginnings. Patridge is opening up to PEOPLE for the first time since the Hills revival was canceled five months ago.
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  “Our wait to find out if we’d have another New Beginnings season lasted six months after the last one ended.

Until then, we were unable to switch networks or do anything else “During the promotion of her new Was It Real? podcast for Kast Media, she says: It’s time for another viewing of The Hills. For the next six months, “we just had to sit back and wait.”

MTV Canceled the Hills:

On The Hills, Audrina Patridge Claimed 'Nothing Was Flowing Like As It Used To!

The 37-year-old mother of one claims the actors “sort of suspected” the program was being canceled after they hadn’t heard from the network for a while. MTV canceled The Hills: New Beginnings after two seasons in January.
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Lauren Conrad, Heidi (Montag) Pratt, and Whitney Port all appeared in the resurrection of the 2000s MTV classic.

According to Patridge, Adam DiVello’s first television series (Selling Sunset) had “a formula that worked.” As for the new producers, she thinks they did a terrific job, but she still feels that they didn’t really comprehend “what The Hills was back then.” “It wasn’t a constant battle of yelling and screams and booze.

 Everything on The Hills:

On The Hills, Audrina Patridge Claimed 'Nothing Was Flowing Like As It Used To!

A dysfunctional family and real friendships were at the heart of the story. I just feel like we were all over the place for a little while, and I don’t know how to put it into words “the To the Hills and Back Again author. “It took six months to re-shoot. Everything on The Hills:

New Beginnings has to be redone because it wasn’t working properly. So, it was a voyage, but we gave it our best attempt and did our best. And I think it’s just kind of going its own way now.” To Patridge‘s chagrin, the network has yet to contact him about the upcoming relaunch, which will have a new ensemble made up of actors their age. She continues, “We haven’t heard from them.” “We’re losing.”

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Rewatch of The Hills.

On The Hills, Audrina Patridge Claimed 'Nothing Was Flowing Like As It Used To!

In spite of all that, Patridge has a lot of fond memories of her time on The Hills, which is why she’s returning to the show as a co-host of the podcast Was It Real? with former castmates, Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado. Rewatch of The Hills. If you’ve ever wanted to know what really happened while filming The Hills, this is your chance. They’re also inviting the show’s creators and writers, as well as those of the cast and crew who’ve worked on it before, to join in the fun.

She says, “We’re not hesitating at all.” “There are a lot of jokes, taunting, and behind-the-scenes antics. Deleted sequences, things that have happened, and scenes that may have occurred in a different order but were edited together, in the same way, are all topics we cover in every episode.” So, we actually have producers on from the old Hills that come on, and they kind of give us their perspective and why they did that,” Patridge continues.


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