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HomenewsNew Jersey Planned Parenthood Action Fund Commences Three-Year Election Efforts

New Jersey Planned Parenthood Action Fund Commences Three-Year Election Efforts

With a series of events, including fundraisers in Princeton and Neptune to support pro-abortion candidates running for office in New Jersey this year, the political arm of the healthcare/abortion provider, Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey, ramped up its midterm election campaign this week.

The newly appointed Executive Director of PPAF-NJ is Jackie Cornell. According to Ms. Cornell, “We’re here tonight starting off our next three years of election activity.”

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion has been made illegal (or will soon be illegal) in 26 states, including six that include no exceptions for rape or incest. It’s a crazy idea, but conservatives want to decide when the rest of us start (or expand) our families, and they won’t stop until every pregnancy in America is coerced into going full term.

New Jersey Is Largely Seen as A Stronghold for Reproductive Choice

New Jersey is largely seen as a stronghold for reproductive choice, a status Ms. Cornell is determined to preserve. As a result, the abortion debate heavily benefits Democrats in a closely divided Senate and House of Representatives.

According to Ms. Cornell of InsiderNJ, “New Jerseyans would be in a dramatically different situation if Governor Phil Murphy was not in the office and hadn’t done the work leading to the Dobbs ruling and been such a champion subsequently.”

New Jersey Planned Parenthood Action Fund Commences Three-Year Election Efforts

We frequently state that elections have repercussions before holding a rally in November, after which everyone exhales and forgets until Labor Day. Before we elect the next pro-choice Governor, we have work to do for the next three years.

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Pro-Choice Voters Must Rise to The Challenge of Defending Abortion Rights

Pro-choice voters must rise to the challenge of defending abortion rights, according to Ms. Cornell, who claims that anti-abortion politicians are just getting started. “We’ve seen (Republican) members of Congress advocating for a Federal abortive ban,” Mr.
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Cornell continued. The assault on abortion rights, in addition to LGBTS concerns and contraception, began after Roe v. Wade was overturned, according to them.

Democratic Congressman Tom Malinowski is up for re-election in New Jersey’s fiercely competitive 7th Congressional District against Republican challenger Tom Kean Jr. Rematch of their 2020 duel, which Mr.
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Malinowski just barely defeated. The district was later expanded by including some extremely conservative areas of Sussex County during the once-every-ten-year redistricting procedure.

New Jersey Planned Parenthood Action Fund Commences Three-Year Election Efforts

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At the fundraiser held on Monday at the residence of Democratic powerhouse Grace Power, there was a sizable turnout from Mercer County and beyond, including State Treasurer Liz Muoio, Sen. Linda Greenstein, Asm., and Planned Parenthood’s Federal PAC, which is likely to highlight Kean Jr.’s obeisance to ex-Governor Chris Christie’s attack on abortion rights.

Lawrence Councilwoman and Hamilton Township Counsel Elissa Grodd

Dan Benson, Lawrence Councilwoman and Hamilton Township Counsel Elissa Grodd-Schragger, Ewing Township Councilmembers Jennifer Keyes-Maloney and Sarah Steward, Trenton Council Candidate Tesla Frisby, Jeannine LaRue, WPCNJ President Jen Mancuso, Linda Schwimmer, Pearl Gabel, and RPA’s Zoe Baldwin.

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One audience member shouted, “For the eight long years that Tom Kean spent doing Chris Christie’s bidding, never once was Tom, as leader of the minority party, able to reject one of Christie’s increasingly unpopular vetoes.”

Chris Christie Left Office as New Jersey’s Least Popular Governor in State History.

She’s not mistaken. Because of his attacks on a woman’s right to abortion, Chris Christie left office as New Jersey’s least popular governor in state history. Along the way, Tom Kean Jr. approved of Christie’s attacks on widely supported causes like legalizing marijuana, gay marriage, and, most notably, a woman’s right to choose.

New Jersey Planned Parenthood Action Fund Commences Three-Year Election Efforts

When we need a leader, one source continued, “Tom Kean Junior is a follower.” His eight years of loyalty to the least popular governor in New Jersey history “prove it,” they say. This politically engaged group is ready to highlight Kean’s anti-choice record from now until November.

Elections have repercussions, Ms. Cornell said to InsiderNJ. It’s simple for me to put on my game face when I consider what’s at risk.


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