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Millie Bobby Brown Sings the Song of Harry Styles In Paris. ‘As It Was!’

Millie Bobby Brown arrived at a Paris event with her best friend and Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp to Harry Styles’ “As It Was.”

“Harries” member Millie, 18, couldn’t resist singing and dancing along. Millie swung and grooved while holding a cup of coffee and dressed in stylish dusty yellow attire, a remarkable effort considering she was wearing high-heel pumps. Noah, 17, put the mic in front of Millie’s face and she sang till the music faded.

Where He Recently Performed.

Millie Bobby Brown Sings the song of Harry Styles. in Paris 'As It Was'.

It’s no secret that Millie has feelings for Harry, a 28-year-old man. She just attended a concert at Wembley Stadium, where he recently performed. To accompany an image of her passionately kissing the 20-year-old son of Jon Bon Jovi, Jake Bongiovi, she asked Alexa to play “Love of my Life” by Harry Styles on her phone.

Though he wasn’t involved in any of the PDAs, Noah was present during the concert. In a caption accompanying an Instagram photo of him with Jake and Millie, he wrote, “Big Harry Styles Fans.
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” Likewise, Harry and Millie have come into contact. At London’s O2 Arena, they both saw Ariana Grande’s 2019 event. According to Insider, the two celebs were seen conversing, singing, and dancing all night long.

Ariana Listened to This Song and Danced Also.

Millie Bobby Brown Sings the song of Harry Styles. in Paris 'As It Was'.

In the words of a witness, Harry and Millie were simply “enjoying themselves” as they listened to Ariana sing and dance along with their buddies before going their separate ways for around five minutes.

Millie grabbed everyone’s attention when she demanded to see more of her Stranger Things co-stars bite the big one, while Noah has been catapulted into the Internet spotlight for sending Doja Cat DMs (where she asked him to link her up with his costar Joseph Quinn, 29).

In an interview, she said, “You need to start killing people off.” We don’t want to murder anyone off with the Duffer Brothers. In order for us to succeed, we must adopt a Game of Thrones mindset. I’m going to suffocate!

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What Are Millie’s Comments?

Millie Bobby Brown Sings the song of Harry Styles. in Paris 'As It Was'.

“Believe us, we’ve investigated all of it, all ideas in the writing room,” Matt Duffer, one half of the Stranger Things partnership, said in response to Millie’s comments. Even if you were to kill Mike in the scenario, it would be depressing.

But we’re not depressing — this isn’t Game of Thrones. This is Hawkins, and I’d want to introduce myself. This isn’t the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. By treating it genuinely, the show no longer feels like Stranger Things.


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