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Kate Moss Broke Down in Tears for ‘years’ After Her Break up From Johnny Depp!

Many people are asking what actually happened during Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ relationship following his ex-wife Amber Heard’s court evidence. Depp and Moss, who dated for four years after the actor’s breakup from actress Winona Ryder in the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, were arguably one of the ’90s’ sexiest “It” couples.

“They can’t get their hands, lips, tongues, legs off of each other,” a friend of Depp’s told People in 1994, referring to the couple’s public displays of passion. However, not all tales about Depp and Moss were pleasant. Their hot and heavy passion seems to have resulted in its fair share of disputes and run-ins with the law since Depp was arrested at least once throughout their relationship.

After Their Breakup, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ Relationship.

Many have hypothesized about the exact nature of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ relationship after their breakup.

kate moss brekup with johnny depp

Are you one of them? Amber Heard, the ex-wife of the Pirates of the Caribbean star. During a May 2022 court hearing, the Aquaman actress claimed that Depp allegedly shoved Moss down a flight of stairs at his house and that she has her own charges about her ex’s former relationships.

Allegations like this are going to make people question what transpired during his relationship with the supermodel in the first place. Continue reading below to learn all we know about Johnny Depp and Kate Moss’ connection, including the entire depth of Amber Heard’s accusations.

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When Did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss Start Dating?

The relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss started in 1994 when the two were introduced by celebrity journalist George Wayne at Cafe Tabac in New York City. The former pair is 11 years apart in age; Depp was 31 when they met for the first time, while Moss was 20.

johnny-depp-kate-moss breakup

Moss was a newcomer to the city when she met Depp, who had just ended his engagement with actress Winona Ryder and was preparing to premiere his picture Ed Wood. According to People, the supermodel reportedly said, “I knew we were destined to be together from the first instant we chatted.”

The writer who introduced the now-ex-couple recalls their first meeting. In a 2019 Instagram post, Wayne recounted, “Johnny was in the back enjoying supper when Kate came in with Naomi [Campbell].”

“I had no clue they’d go on to become the IT couple for seasons, wrecking hotel rooms all around the world throughout their still legendary relationship!” What about the devastation that was mentioned? Continue reading to learn more about Moss and Depp’s extraordinary love affair.

Why Did Johnny Depp and Kate Moss End Their Relationship?

Depp and Moss couldn’t keep their names out of the news as one of the hottest couples of the decade—and it wasn’t always for the best.

Johnny Depp File Photos

Their relationship was marred by scandal, with allegations of savage fights and criminal charges stemming from their sloppy conduct on private property. The pair have even been seen yelling at one other in public, according to People.

Despite this, no news was as big as the one following Depp’s arrest. Depp was arrested for criminal mischief at New York’s Mark Hotel in September 1994, two days before the New York Picture Festival premiere of his film Ed Wood, after reportedly destroying his hotel room with Moss. Despite the fact that the supermodel was unharmed at the time, police stated Depp was detained “in a condition of suspected drunkenness.”

Depp was arrested, but the allegations against him were dropped when a judge dismissed them. Depp was instead ordered to pay the Mark Hotel a total of $9,767, which included $2,000 in damages and the balance of his reservation cost. Depp’s pal and filmmaker John Waters told People at the time that the actor had a “temper,” but that the event was “small.” “The room service must have been poor,” he told the magazine.

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Moss and Depp’s Extraordinary Love Affair.

Moss and Depp’s romance ended three years later. A year later, Depp spoke about their separation in an interview with Hello magazine, admitting that he was to blame for their breakup. In 1998, Depp said, “I have never been so emotional for a lady before.”

why they get the breakup“I was very foolish because our relationship had so much going for it.” I’m the one who has to accept responsibility for what happened—I was tough to deal with, I allowed my job to get in the way, and I didn’t provide her the attention she deserved.

Depp went on to say that his job obsession got in the way of his relationship with Moss. “I shouldn’t have gotten so heated up by what others had to say about my work,” he continued. “Sure, I should care about my movies, but I should strive to leave such things behind when I come home.”

Moss and Depp’s Romance Ended Three Years Later.

I couldn’t do it, and it was a nightmare to be around. Trust me when I say that I’m a complete stupid at times.
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” Moss, for her part, spoke publicly about the breakup for the first time in a 2012 interview with Vanity Fair, admitting that she sobbed for “years” over Depp’s departure. “There’s never been somebody who’s been able to really care for me.”

“For a while, Johnny did,” she said at the time. “I believed him when he said it.” He’d tell me what I do if I asked, ‘What do I do?’ That’s what I missed when I moved away. I’d completely lost my sense of who I could trust.”

What Caused Johnny Depp and Kate Moss to Break Up?

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss‘ relationship resurfaced in the news when the Fantastic Beasts actor’s ex-wife, Amber Heard, claimed that he allegedly shoved Moss down a flight of stairs years before they began dating.

During her court trial with Depp in May 2022, Heard made a short reference to the issue during her personal evidence. Following the release of a 2018 piece in the Washington Post in which Heard characterized herself as a victim of domestic violence, the stars sued each other for defamation. Despite the fact that she didn’t identify Depp, the timeframe of her narrative made it evident that the actor was her claimed abuser.

Heard testified in court in May 2022 about punching Depp in the face because she was afraid he was going to push her sister, Whitney, down a stairwell like “Kate Moss.” Heard alleged at the time that she and Johnny were arguing on the mezzanine of one of his penthouses’ staircases when her sister came in between them.

Heard said of her sister, “She pushed herself in the line of fire.” “She was pleading with Johnny to stop.” Johnny strikes her with her back to the stairwell. I don’t hesitate or wait – Kate Moss and stairwells come to me right away.”

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Is It True that Johnny Depp Pushed Kate Moss Down the Stairwell?

During the encounter, Heard acknowledged punching Johnny. “I smacked him right in the face for the first time. He didn’t even try to force my sister down the steps.

both are together


“I hadn’t even scored one on Johnny at that point in our relationship,” she said. “Johnny stared at me, then laughed at me, before lunging at me again.” According to Heard, the altercation stopped when security intervened.

Heard had made the same accusation during Depp’s defamation trial in the United Kingdom, in which he was suing The Sun’s proprietors for printing a story referring to him as a “wife-beater.” Learned noted at the time that she had heard about the Moss claim through other sources.

According to The Independent, Heard told the British court, “He shoved Kate Moss down the stairs, I heard this from two persons, and this was vivid in my memory.” “I responded to protect my sister. I’d been Johnny’s punchbag for years, but I’d never struck him. It was the first time in all these years that I retaliated against him.”

Depp and Moss have never responded to Heard’s accusation that her ex-husband pushed his ex-girlfriend down the stairs. While the reality underlying this claim is unknown, further testimony may soon expose the answer.


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