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I Rode a Train From Virginia to New Jersey for $45 and Ten Hours. Here Are the Seven Things That Most Astonished Me.

I took a 10-hour Amtrak train from Virginia to New Jersey.
The seats were comfortable, however, the middle rows lacked seat belts and armrests.
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I appreciated eating my own snacks, walking, and using free Wi-Fi throughout the vacation.
My 10-hour Virginia-New Jersey train ticket was $45.
I’ve never traveled much.

I get vehicle sickness and headaches on planes. I decided to try a $45 10-hour train travel from Roanoke, Virginia, to Newark, New Jersey.

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I was nervous about the trip. As we left the station, the conductor called our excursion “The Good Vibes Express,” and I could breathe and enjoy Amtrak.

Seven surprises from the experience.
No seat belts or middle armrests, however, the seats were comfier than imagined.
Unless you spend a lot for an upgrade, bus and plane seats are narrow and unpleasant.

The train’s seats were huge and comfortable. They slouched. Though comfy, the seats lacked some features. No seat belts or middle armrests.

When another person sat next to me, it felt like we were snuggling too much. My train’s outlets didn’t work.
I was thrilled to discover that each seat had an outlet because I brought all my electronics to keep me occupied. Until I tried one. My train’s outlets were broken.

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My laptop charged on my backup battery as a friendly rider on the other side of the train charged my phone.

I was entertained on the train because of its reliable Wi-Fi.

I also downloaded lots of movies, TV episodes, and podcasts to keep me entertained on my vacation.

Wonderfully, the train had Wi-Fi. It was better than I expected.

A movie streamed smoothly. It was strong at stations but slow and spotty elsewhere.

The train stopped at each station for several minutes on the schedule.
Each station lasted only a few minutes. You probably wouldn’t get on the train if you weren’t on the platform when we arrived.

I enjoy that the train went on time because being late makes me worried. It also kept my Newark station pick-up informed.

I got to stretch in Washington DC.
I expected the train to stop in DC for the same amount of time as the other stations.

The conductor said we would stop for an hour and may walk about.

After five hours of sitting, I was glad to get up and stretch. After wearing a mask for so long, the fresh air was amazing.

Packing snacks saved me money.
I’m always looking to save. After being advised I could bring snacks on the train, I packed a bag full.

Since Amtrak permits passengers to bring their own food and drinks, no one said anything.

One individual made cocktails a few seats away, and others brought whole meals.

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I preferred trains to buses and planes.
I travel poorly. I loathe long drives and packed aircraft. I worried I’d dread my train travel to New Jersey. I worried about motion sickness, boredom, and overcrowding on the train. I was delighted to walk, eat, and be entertained for 10 hours.

It was fantastic to discover I can travel comfortably on a budget. The train was unique and entertaining.
I want another long train travel.


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