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A Step By Step Guide For How to Take a Screenshot on A Chromebook?

You may complete tasks more quickly with Chromebooks, which are affordable, straightforward devices. As parents grabbed up these reasonably priced laptops for kids who were now doing lessons from their kitchen tables or bedrooms, Chromebooks skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic.

Even though there has been a decline in demand in recent quarters, there are still millions of Chromebooks in use, and chances are you don’t know all there is to know about these Chrome OS-based gadgets. For instance, consider screenshots.

Since Chromebooks are internet-connected laptops, fewer third-party screenshot programs are available than there are for Windows or macOS. Although there are many Chrome extensions available, using Chrome OS’s built-in features is the quickest way to record what is on your screen. This is how it goes.

Method 1: Take a Screenshot on Chromebook Using the Screen Capture Tool

How To Take a Screenshot on A Chromebook

The Screen Capture utility makes taking screenshots very simple. You can access all the numerous screenshot choices with this application, and it works on touch displays as well as standard Chrome Books. To use the Screen Capture Tool to take a snapshot of the screen, follow these steps:

  1. The Quick Settings panel can be opened by clicking on the clock in the bottom right corner.
  2. The menu can be expanded by tapping the arrow in the top-right corner.
  3. From the menu of choices, pick Screen Capture.
  4. Make sure the camera icon is chosen when you see a dock that floats at the bottom.
  5. The Screen Capture Tool will now present you with three screenshot choices: Full Screen, Partial, and Window. These all accomplish the following:
  • Screenshot in full screen: You can use it to capture a screenshot of the whole screen. To grab the entire screen, tap anywhere on it.
  • Screenshot fragment: It enables you to pick the precise area of the screen you wish to screenshot. Click Capture in the center of the screen after using your mouse or trackpad to pick the area you wish to capture.
  • Window Screenshot: It enables you to capture a screenshot of the Chromebook’s currently open window.

The screenshot will display in the bottom-right corner of the screen once it has been taken and will be instantly transferred to your clipboard. By clicking the appropriate button in the notification window, you can directly edit or remove the screenshot.

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Method 2: Take a Screenshot on Chromebook With Keyboard Shortcuts

How To Take a Screenshot on A Chromebook

On ChromeOS, keyboard shortcuts make it simple to take a screenshot. The screenshot keyboard shortcuts can be used to take a screenshot if you don’t want to utilize the Screen Capture Tool.

Full Screenshot: To take a screenshot of your screen, press CTRL and Window.

Partial Screenshot: Combining the keys CTRL, SHIFT, and Window. When the tool has opened, use the mouse or the pointer on your stylus to select the area you want to capture.

Window Screenshot: Press the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + ALT + Window. Select the window you wish to screenshot to take a picture of it when this brings up the selection tool. It will take a screenshot of the window you’ve chosen and store it.

A screenshot will be taken, copied to your clipboard, and shown in the bottom right corner of the screen as soon as it is done. To edit or delete the screenshot, click Edit or Delete, accordingly.

Method 3: Take a Screenshot on Chromebook Using Stylus

On a Chromebook, a stylus can be utilized for a variety of tasks. It also makes screenshotting easier, and the greatest part is that you can annotate a screenshot in the edit menu once you have taken it.

How To Take a Screenshot on A Chromebook

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  • Simply press on the pen icon located on the right side of the taskbar once your stylus and Chromebook have been connected.
  • Select Screen Capture to launch the screenshot tool from the menu that appears.
  • Then, you’ll see a floating dock with a number of options at the bottom. This is ChromeOS’s utility for taking screenshots. Ensure that the camera symbol is chosen in this.
  • Choosing a screenshot choice from the three available ones—Full Screen, Partial, and Window—depending on your needs is the next step.
  • To take a screenshot, follow that by tapping the stylus on the highlighted area.

The screenshot is displayed on the right side and is also instantly transferred to your clipboard after being taken. The option available in this notification allows you to easily alter or delete the screenshot.

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