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Tenants in Brooklyn Have Taken Their Landlord to Court Over 500 Times Due to Unsafe Housing Conditions

Tenants in Brooklyn have petitioned the city to take action against their landlord for allegedly ignoring maintenance requests for the past four years.

Residents of 1111 Ocean Avenue in Flatbush are using an eviction action filed against one of the tenant association leaders, Jancie Broadie, as leverage to get him to fix the building.
Sam Wasserman, the landlord, was supposed to appear in court on Tuesday, but he never showed up.

Wasserman emailed the renters to explain that he would be unable to appear in court on the specified date due to Passover.

The building’s many flaws are immediately apparent from the outside.
Rats near the front door, rusting scaffolding with rotten, loose planks of wood holding down the metal sheets, and what appears to be a broken-in boiler chamber are all visible from the exterior.

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It’s hard to imagine that up until the late 1980s, this was a high-end hotel.

Tenant Rita Kettrles recalled the building’s “doormen, handymen, porters, and laundry rooms on each side of the building” when asked about its amenities before she moved in.
Tenants said that things were different under the new management.

According to the Department of Building’s website, Wasserman has accumulated over 500 citations, 145 of which are now open.

There are at least 12’rent impairing violations’ among these infractions. If a violation is not addressed within 6 months, the renter is not responsible for paying rent during that period.

There have been class 1 hazardous violations that have gone unsolved since at least June 2020.

Half of the building has been without gas since March due to unpaid infractions, but tenants claim that this is the least of their concerns.

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They have rats, mold, and sagging ceilings to deal with, but no building personnel.
Tenant Andrew Butler introduced himself by saying, “This is my neighbor down the hall on the sixth floor.

“In addition, in October at around two in the morning, the ceiling of their girls’ bedroom fell in. They’re raising two young ladies.”

Tenants who have terraces can’t use them due to the deteriorating infrastructure.
Kettrles stated, pointing to the homemade barricade in front of the door to her terrace,

“This is what I came home to.” “To this day, I still have no idea who put it up, why, or for how long. The scaffolding blocks my view from all eleven of my windows.”
8-year-old scaffolding still in use.

Only a few tenants, like Kettrles and Butler, have been on a rent strike for the past two years.

Meanwhile, the crumbling chimney has taken center stage in what was once a million-dollar panorama of downtown Manhattan from the top.

“From up here, up close, you can see how awful the facade of the building and the brickwork are,” Butler remarked. “There are visible fissures here. Continually extending down the building’s face.”

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After contacting Wasserman for comment, Eyewitness News has not yet received a response.

A representative for HPD has stated that legal action is being taken to address code issues in the building.

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