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How To Use Samsung Smart Switch on Desktop or Mobile? An Ultimate Guide!

Smart Switch, a specific program created by Samsung, allows us to manage our Samsung smartphone and transfer data from any other iOS or Android phone to it. Samsung has made Smart Switch available as a mobile and desktop application to give users a comprehensive smartphone management experience.

However, consumers frequently question about backing up and restoring their phones and transferring data using Smart Switch. You will receive all of your questions addressed if a comparable search led you here. I’ll show you how to use Samsung Smart Switch in the simplest possible way in this comprehensive tutorial.

Part 1: How to Use Samsung Smart Switch on Desktop or Mobile

As previously mentioned, Samsung’s Smart Switch is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. The mobile application is used to carry out a phone-to-phone transfer, whereas the Windows/Mac application assists us in managing our data by taking backups of it and restoring them. Here’s a guide on using Smart Switch on various gadgets.

How to Use Smart Switch on PC/Mac

The desktop application is primarily used to create new backups and restore old ones for Samsung devices. It can also assist you in updating your phone or in syncing it with Outlook/Mac Address Book. Simply follow these steps to discover how to use Smart Switch on a PC:

Smart Switch

Step 1. First, visit the Smart Switch website and free download the software for your Mac or Windows computer. Simply launch its installer to finish the configuration according to your preferences.

Step 2. Launch the program on your Mac or PC after it has been installed, then attach your Samsung to it with a USB cord. Your device will be automatically detected, and a variety of options will be shown.

Step 3. Simply select “Backup” from the menu to transfer data from your Samsung to your PC. A thorough system backup of your Samsung phone will be required for this.

Step 4. In a similar manner, you can click the “Restore” button to get the information from a previous backup that was stored in your Samsung.

Step 5. Additionally, you can manually restore an iTunes backup to your Samsung by going to the more backup choices. In addition, you may update your phone or sync it with Outlook/Mac Address Book using Smart Switch on your PC.

How to Use Smart Switch to Transfer Data Between Phones

If you recently purchased a Samsung phone, you can use Smart Switch to transfer your data from an older Android or iOS smartphone. It offers wireless data transmission as well as USB cable-based data transfer, making it one of the top Samsung file transfer solutions.

Smart Switch

Your media files, documents, contacts, messages, and even other forms of data can all be transferred in this way. Simply follow these instructions to learn how to use the Smart Switch app:

Step 1. Install the Smart Switch app on both devices by going to the Play Store, then select a method of connection to connect them. You would want a USB adapter for a cable transfer, whereas WiFi should be turned on for a wireless transfer.

Step 2. You must choose an Android or iPhone as the source device before continuing. Additionally, choose which device serves as the transmitter and which is the recipient. (the target phone has to be a Samsung).

Step 3. To link the two devices, input the one-time generated code that is displayed on the older device on your Samsung.

Step 4. Once both devices are linked, all you have to do is choose the kind of data you want to send and receive on your Samsung.

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Part 2: How to Fix Samsung Smart Switch Being Stuck

Users of Samsung Smart Switch occasionally lament that the data transmission process has been stalled. Check that both devices’ WiFi or USB connections are operational before continuing. Additionally, your Samsung should have enough free space to store the incoming data. After that, try the following straightforward advice if the app is still stuck:

Smart Switch

  • Clear Smart Switch’s Cache

If the Smart Switch app has a large amount of cache, it may become stuck. You can easily repair this by visiting Settings > Apps > Smart Switch on your phone to learn more. You have the option to delete the app’s cache and data from here.

  • Reinstall the app

Simply reload the Samsung Smart Switch app if it’s still having issues. Simply delete the app from its home screen or by going to the settings on your phone. Go back to the Play Store later and reinstall Smart Switch on each device.

  • Restart your phones

Most likely, there may also be an issue with your cellphones. Restarting them is the simplest fix for this. Simply hit the Power button, then select to restart the device from the list of power options that appears. Try again with Smart Switch to transfer your data after the device restarts.

Part 4: Better Alternative for Phone Switching

Despite being created by Samsung, Smart Switch is not the best way to transfer data. As you can see, many people have trouble comprehending how to use Smart Switch. You can just use MobileTrans by Wondershare to get beyond its restrictions.

Smart Switch

It can immediately and directly transmit any type of data from one phone to another. It does not matter if the target device is a Samsung or not because it supports more than 6000 devices.

Between Android and Android, iPhone and iPhone, and even Android and iPhone, you can move your files. It permits the transfer of data such as contacts, messages, call logs, images, videos, music, bookmarks, and even apps.

In addition, the tool enables you to back up and afterward restore the data on your smartphone. By following these instructions, you can utilize MobileTrans to transfer your data from one phone to another:

Smart Switch

Step 1. Install and then start MobileTrans on your computer, which can be either a Mac or a Windows system. Additionally, choose the Phone transfer option on the welcome screen.


Step 2. Connect both phones to your system, then wait for the software to recognize them. Their photos would be listed, and you could use the flip button to subsequently adjust where they were listed.

Step 3. Simply choose the content type you want to relocate and press the “Start” button at this point. All you have to do is wait patiently for the procedure to finish for a few minutes.

Now that you are familiar with how to utilize Smart Switch on both a PC and a mobile device, you can simply maximize its potential. However, if you want a better choice, think about using MobileTrans by Wondershare.

Smart Switch

It will enable you to quickly make a straight phone-to-phone transfer. It requires no prior technical knowledge and can be used by anyone quickly thanks to its straightforward interface.



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